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Oliver Sacks

Rigorous institutions are also coercive, being, in effect, external neuroses [emphasis in original]. The coercions of institutions call forth and aggravate the coercions of their inmates.
Awakenings, p. 25, footnote #27, Quality Paperback Book Club omnibus edition

Alan P. Scott

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Daniel Morgan Scott

Breasts are cool, ya know, Mom.

Can I go to the liquor store?
(Mom, surprised): What [on Earth] do you want to do there?

Come back here, ants! Lemme squash yuh!

If the wind did not blow the curtains, it would be out of a job.
—Age 4

If you don't give me back my number 9, I'll never be able to run the universe again!
—Age 4

Mr. Nice Pants Ant

My gobbler is so gorgeous
It takes my breath away
I wish that it could come alive
And stay with me to play.
—With a little help from Mom, 11/14/1999

Sitting by the fire, eating granola, having burned eyelids...
—7/23/1999, age 5, at Battleground Lake (pre-E. Coli scare) in Washington

Sometimes crocodiles give me tofu.

You share germs because you're the nice one.

Olivia May Scott

I'm as smart as butter.
—age 5, 1/5/2003


In a world full of people there's only some want to fly
Isn't that crazy?

Bob Seger

Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.
—"Against the Wind"

Carol Sharlip

You don't have to be a Communist to know that apartheid is wrong.

George Bernard Shaw

All great Truth first starts as Blasphemy.

Lucius Shepard

The world has ended many times
But few have even noticed.
Life During Wartime, attributed to the San Blas Indians. Delineation APS

Lewis Shiner

What kind of freedom [is] it when the only people you [can] vote for are politicians?
—"Horses," Wild Cards VIII: One Eyed Jacks, George R.R. Martin, ed. Tense altered

Karen Shirley (Karen Kleppe)

Feathering the nest makes the medicine go down.

Huntington - it's a great place to come back to.

I left scars the first time - I'll leave 'em again!

It was a weak moment - weak moment after weak moment after weak moment...

One of these days they'll find a cure for humanity.

Corky Siegel

Life is too important to take seriously.
I came up with this quote independently of the above source, which is why I claim it too.

Carly Simon

Some emotions are better left unrhymed.
—from a Web essay called "How Lyrics Work" found 11/5/2001

John Sladek

[...] people don't want personal computers, they want personal slaves. They want people they can do anything with. Torture, fuck, smash, love, rebuild, restructure to any graham cracker grandeur... We want to craft dolls that wind themselves up.
—Sturge Fellini, Bugs, pp. 84-85

Thorne Smith

I've always been backward on morals, but I do know how to dress appropriately for any given occasion, and that's more than half the battle.
The Stray Lamb, 1929

Gary Snyder

Distrust of wildness in oneself literally means distrust of Wilderness.
—Quoted by "Emmet Grogan," Ringolevio: A Life Played for Keeps

William Browning Spencer

I guess there's no end to the mischief human beings can get up to when they contemplate the infinite.
—Ed Tilman, in Irrational Fears

Norman Spinrad

Chaos is the enemy of Order but the enemy of Chaos is also the enemy of Order.
The Mind Game

To those whose spirits hold back from every venture, a less than perfect universe provides ample excuses for sloth...
Child of Fortune

Bessie Anderson Stanley

To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.
—paraphrase attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson by The Progressive Review; attribution corrected via Ralph Keyes, The Quote Verifier: Who Said What, Where, And When

Bruce Sterling

Cyberspace is the place where a telephone conversation appears to occur.
The Hacker Crackdown

Practically anything beats depending on Scripture.
—"The Future?" Scenarios. Wired magazine special edition 1.01, p. 168

Those who worship the Muses end up running a museum.
Holy Fire

Jacques Sternberg

If proletarian-pedestrian solidarity is achieved, the world may well ask itself where it's headed.
—"Future Without Future"

Adlai Stevenson

Technology, while adding daily to our physical ease, throws daily another loop of fine wire around our souls.
—as quoted in Ralph Keyes, The Quote Verifier, p. 211
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Sean Stewart

Any skull can grin.
The Night Watch

Stephen Stills

Well, there are three things men can do with women: love them, suffer for them, or turn them into literature. I've had my share of success and failure on all three.
—Seen in a Rolling Stone interview from 1970; however, I discovered in late 2012 that Stills was quoting from Lawrence Durrell's Justine

Michael Swanwick

We will never be freed until that day when Heaven, like some vast and unimaginable mall, opens her legs to receive us all.
—"The Dragon Line"

Jonathan Swift

[...] as the face of nature never produces rain but when it is overcast and disturbed, so human understanding, seated in the brain, must be troubled and overspread by vapors, ascending from the lower faculties to water the invention and make it fruitful.
—"A Tale of a Tub"

Those entertainments and pleasures we most value in life, are such as dupe and play the wag with the senses.
—"A Tale of a Tub"

[...] whosoever pleases to look into the fountains of enthusiasm [in 18th-Century terms, personal revelation or epiphany - APS] ... will find the springhead to have been as troubled and muddy as the current.
—"A Tale of a Tub"

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