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Jack Cady

Any hell that breaks loose will come from country folk who claim to know everything, while not going anywhere.
--"Fog," in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, December 2004

Orson Scott Card

A Baptist is just like a Christian - only louder.

We spend our lives guessing at what's going on inside everybody else, and when we happen to get lucky and guess right, we think we "understand." Such nonsense. Even a monkey at a computer will type a word now and then.

Jonathan Carroll

I hate bikes and bicycling. They poke you in the ass and make you pant for no good reason. Bikes are also dangerous as hell and serious traffic hazards. Furthermore, people who use them are invariably self-righteous about various unappealing subjects - ecology, fitness, or their resting pulse rate. The hell with them - when I want my heart to beat fast I'll have sex.
--Police chief Franny McCabe, in The Wooden Sea

Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson)

We are but older children, dear
Who fret to find our bedtime near.
--Through the Looking Glass

Sean Heather Carver

Hamsters of Science Fiction.

I'm gonna forgive him because he's decorative.

Takes a lot of money to have no stuff.

Miguel de Cervantes

Never let arbitrary law rule your judgments: it is the vice of the ignorant, who make a vain boast of their cleverness.
--Don Quixote

Jeff Cesario

I'm a pro in an amateurs' world.
--"Chet Waterhouse," KROQ 106.7 FM in Los Angeles

Neneh Cherry with Michael Stipe

Parents and teachers get together get cool
Children need to learn about sex in school.
Children need to learn about sex in school.
You think they don't do it? don't get fooled.

Roy Clark

Jesus always spoke in red.

The Greenhouse Effect? I think it's great: more heat - less clothes - more hooters!

Shan Clark

I came to a startling realization tonight: I can read my own mind.

Mildred Clingerman

[...] people do not live by reason alone - [...] they only make up reasons to stop other people asking silly questions.
--"The Day of the Green Velvet Cloak," in A Cupful of Space

Andrei Codrescu

Between the media mirage in the West and the leveling-by-terror in the East play all the fictions of "homeland."
--"The New Map," in The Disappearance of the Outside (1990). Prophetic, if out of context.

The evaporation of four million people who believe in this crap would leave the world a better place.
--on National Public Radio, regarding the fundamentalist Christian notion of a dramatic "Rapture"

Lloyd Cole & the Commotions

Why must you tell me all your secrets when it's hard enough to love you knowing nothing?
--"4 Flights Up"

Constance Collier

They look like eagles and kings, and the world no longer has a place for them.
--Said about Native Americans in Albuquerque NM, in Harlequinade (1939), as quoted in The Grove Book of Hollywood, edited by Christopher Silvester, p. 17

Richard Condon

Every word he uttered was patriotic. He owned patriotism, much in the manner that the lunatic Right had owned it in the 1980s. It cost nothing and its upkeep was entirely at other people's expense.
--The Emperor of America

Flynn Connolly

God believes in Planned Parenthood - He had only one child.
--The Rising of the Moon

Stephanie Coontz

Children do best in societies where child-rearing is considered too important to be left entirely to parents.
--The Way We Never Were

Alice Cooper

I just can't get these damn wrists to bleed...
--From the Inside

Please clean your plate, dear
The lord above can see ya.
Don't you know people
Are starving in Korea...
--"Generation Landslide"

She popped the buckle on my Bible Belt.
--"Nurse Rozetta," From the Inside

Elvis Costello

Writing about music is like dancing about architecture - it's a really stupid thing to want to do.
--in an interview by Timothy White entitled "A Man out of Time Beats the Clock." Musician magazine No. 60 (October 1983), p. 52.
See this page if you have questions or information about this attribution.

Country Joe & the Fish

The most revolutionary thing you can do in this country is change your mind.
--Rolling Stone magazine


What the world needs now
Are some true words of wisdom
Like la la la la la la la la-la.
What the world needs now
Is another folk singer
Like I need a hole in my head.
--"Teen Angst (What the World Needs Now)"

John Crist

Was it the heat or the humility?

Crowded House

And the excess of fat on your American bones
will cushion the impact as you sink like a stone.
--"Chocolate Cake"

John Crowley

Doing so reminded him of the long voyages he used to take aboard buses in weather like this, from his Ivy League university to his home in the Cumberland Mountains of Kentucky - seven hours, including a layover of an hour or two in the desolating squalor of the station in Huntington, West Virginia.
--Daemonomania, Prologue p. 6

Joe said there were no prostitutes in Bondieu [Kentucky], only in big cities like Huntington; when Joe was ready to do it, and had the money, that's where he would go, he said.
--Love and Sleep
[Context: The above two quotes are funny because I'm from Huntington, and it ain't no big city...]

[...] melancholy needs distraction, seeks it restlessly, never satisfied long with any application; melancholy wants at once to be engaged and to be doing nothing.
--Love and Sleep

The one thing he could not have conceived, would not have believed if he had heard it predicted: that bigoted religion and willed ignorance would return in strength, and not even in new and outlandishly intriguing forms, just the same old wine, the same old bottles, people believing impossible things in the manner of athletes inuring themselves to pain or soldiers to bloodshed.
--Daemonomania, p. 249

Qui non intelligit, aut taceat, aut discat. ("If you do not understand, be silent, or learn.")
--Love and Sleep

She regarded him, cheek in hand, and seemed to remember an old smile she had once kept for him.

We are made of dust: all right: then dust can think, dust can know.
SEE ALSO: Mohammed Iqbal

Tim Curry

I hate to go home
But what else is new?
I'm so fuckin lonely
And I ain't even high
I'm so fuckin lonely
And I feel like I'm gonna die...
--"Sloe Gin," Read My Lips

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