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--E.M. Forster

I've consolidated almost everything into my bookmarks file - it just got too difficult to maintain two parallel lists - except for:

What You Like About Me
(Shamelessly self-referential)
Merrilee Faber says this site is a "wonderful collection of stories from a writer with a real talent for storytelling" (wow!) but also has "appalling website design, or lack thereof" (ouch - but I must admit it's a fair cop, guv)
as of June 29, 2009.
My fiction has been listed on Web Fiction Guide (online novels, reviews)
as of January 2009.
Check out former t.b'er Laurence Simon's 100 Word Stories Podcast site,
on which you can see - and hear - some stories of mine, as well as many others.
The Quote Verifier: Who Said What, Where, and When, by Ralph Keyes
I am mentioned - by name - on pp. 256-257 of this book published in June 2006, for my page on "Talking about music is like dancing about architecture."
A newspaper article from the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Journal Sentinel.
I have no idea why I didn't see it earlier, but in April 2005 AltaVista showed me a link to this article by reporter Mary Louise Schumacher that mentions my web page about "Talking about music is like dancing about architecture." I'm flattered to see this - I had exchanged emails and even talked to Schumacher, but thought that the story had been spiked 'way back in '03...
Lawyers of the World, Unite!
My poem "Decoding Hammurabi" was the Grand Prize winner in William Shears' First (and so far only) Annual Legal Poetry Contest (2/1/2004).
"Two-Fisted Jesus Tales"
A Matt Marchese and Alan Scott joint (link updated 11/7/2003).
Massachusetts Society of Medical Assistants
Some of my photos were used - with permission - to illustrate this site's page for the National Convention of the American Association of Medical Assistants, held in Portland, Oregon (October 2002).
A flattering link (from 4/10/2001, pretty far down the page) to "How Raccoon Got His Coat" on this busy weblog. Added 5/25/2001.
Final 'Anthology' and the Delai [sic] Lama (http://www.wunderland.com/WTS/Rash/green/1999/Aug/17.htm)
Link from August 1999 (full of Y2K jitters) to my quote from Yeats... found 5/25/2001; "archived offline in late 2003."
RomanNet (http://www.romanet.dk/01-nyt-aar/maj/Bruce-4.htm)
Was linked to my review of Bruce Sterling's Distraction. Added 5/23/2001; dead as of 9/10/2002.
Essay for Found Poetry (http://www.pegasus.rutgers.edu/~edison/EFP.html)
Had some nice things to say about some machine-generated verse I put together as "Shouldn't You be They?". Added 5/23/2001; not found 5/23/2005.
Literati Sites (http://www.randomviolins.org/~dwap/keepsakes/links.htm)
Fellow Portlander T.L. Kelly had put my fictions page up against such lights as Charles Bukowski, Umberto Eco and Henry Miller - not that I'm about to suggest I deserved it... but it sure felt nice. Added 12/16/1999; no longer cited as of 12/18/2001.
The Ring of Words Webring Digest Link Reviews (http://www.poetrytodayonline.com/words/ROWdigest.html#link_reviews)
In 1998, editor Nita Rosland reviewed my site for the Ring of Words, of which I was a member at the time. Review quoted with permission:
Alan P. Scott has a rather unique view of the world around him as you will find when you visit this well-named site. Almost devoid of graphic imagery and without the tinned elevator muzack [sic] that can so often detract from an otherwise excellant website, this unusual collection of thoughts and ramblings teases the intellect. It's the sort of site that makes you think to yourself, "Now, this is someone with whom I would love to share a pot (or three) of coffee."

My reviews of three of The Books of Catherine Asaro
I like her books, and said so. My reviews of Primary Inversion, Catch the Lightning and The Last Hawk garner a mention on her Web pages.
My review of Primary Inversion was also quoted in "Making it in the Mainstream (May 1995)," an article published by the American Booksellers Association at http://www.bookweb.org/reading/specialty/sf/214.html. That page unfortunately no longer exists.
For some reason, a lot of different sites seem to link to my musings on Ping Pong, including:
CANUPNET Table Tennis Links
All-American Ping Pong League, and even at one point
Tales from the Wingless Café (http://www2.carolina.net/kirschd/wing98.htm)
Convoy (http://www.techren.com/techren/mccall/lyrics/BlackBearRoad/convoy.html)
This dedicated C.W. McCall fan had linked to my Star Wars filk song "Rebellion: Jedi Convoy". Added May 24, 1999; guess I wasn't a big enough fan as of May 23, 2005, though.
Solaris (http://www.excite.com/entertainment/home_video/titles/s/solaris/fan_dedications)
I had showed up on Excite! Entertainment's list of "fan dedications" for my poem about the Tarkovsky film of Stanislaw Lem's Solaris.
A Windows wallpaper changer that behaves very well and costs very little: it's cardware. All author Nicola Delfino asks is that you send him a postcard. I did so and now I'm on his web page! URL updated 8/1/2000.
The Austin Chronicle Music: Dancing About Architecture
The Austin Chronicle online has an article on music by one Ken Lieck, who seems to thinks I've spent too much time on the quote "Talking about music is like dancing about architecture." That was a long time ago, guy. Added October 5, 1998.
things you consume with your brain (http://www.there.org/paper.html)
This page by t.b oldbie Paul Lord contained nonfunctional pointers to some slavish followups I wrote to his "j.pretentious catalog ads."
Genesis 1.0a (beta)
T.b regular Rone (Ron Echeverri) liked my release of Genesis 1.0a (beta) from talk.bizarre, March 24, 1995. Found this May 24, 1999.
Paul Vader's talk.bizarre voting page (http://www.mcs.com/~pv/web/tb/) used to have my scores listed.
Moribund since October 1998 and gone altogether by May '99, but I kept a snapshot taken January 1999 of the way it used to look.
Some Recent Talk.Bizarre Favourites (http://www.connect.ab.ca/~alfvaen/teebee/recent.html)
Aaron Humphries had a list of talk.bizarre posts he liked, including some of mine. Updated 8/1/2000; not found in May 2001.
The Origins of Consciousness: Julian Jaynes's Theories and Science Fiction
SF notable and Boskone 36 panel moderator Evelyn C. Leeper, or a cohort of hers, liked some things I'd written about Julian Jaynes' book. Liked 'em rather more than I do now, actually - enough to include them in this convention panel report, anyway, although no one thought to mention it to me.
I'm still unhappy about the relative lack of attribution - essentially all of the bulleted list of points where my name appears is quoted or at most paraphrased from my work - but at this point I'm willing to let it slide.

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