Rebellion: Jedi Convoy

Alan P. Scott - Verses - Lyrics


To the tune of C.W. McCall's truckin' tune Convoy

"We'll make it, R2. This here's the Jedi Luke... you got a copy on me Big Ben come on?
"Uhh, yeah ten-four Big Ben fer shur fer shur. By golly it's clean clear to Endor come on?
"Yeah, that's a big ten-four there Big Ben... Yeah, we definitely got to get Han, old buddy. Force be with us now, looks like we got us a Rebellion..."

Was on a forested moon, with Imperial goons
And some Ewoks, rollin' logs.
Jabba the Hut down on Tatooine
Mean an' nasty, eatin' frogs...
Yeah, Jabba had captured C-3PO
Stripped Princess Leia down
I says Big Ben this here's your old friend Luke
I'm about to go and rescue Han.

'Cause we got a lil' rebellion
Flyin' through the night
Yeah we got a lil' rebellion
Ain't she a beautiful sight?
Come on and fly an X-wing
Ain't nothin' gonna get in our way
We're gonna win this lil' rebellion
Empire's goin' away - Star Wars...

"Uhh, breaker R-2, this here's Luke and, uh, you wanna work open this-here lock?
"Uh, ten-four, in about five seconds or so. Them Stormtroopers're gettin' in-tense up here."

By the time we got to the Death Star
We had hundreds of ships in all
But the Empire had 'em a force field
And their ships was wall to wall
TIE fighters as thick as fleas on a Wookiee
They even had the Emperor there
I says put up your dukes 'cause
This here's Luke
And we're gonna show ya what goes where.

'Cause we got a big rebellion
Fightin' for the right, yeah
We got a big rebellion...

"Uhh, you wanna blow that thing up there, Han?"
"Uh, negatory there Luke, the field's still up. Them goons are startin' to blow up my pilots, yeah. Force be with us now, we're gonna have to give it another run..."

Well we cycled over the forest floor
With their rockets at our tails
We blew up all of them Walkers
'n' left 'em sittin' on the trails

By the time we got that field down, though
The Empire was gettin' smart.
They'd brought up some reinforcements
And Luke was a'fightin' Darth.
There was armored fighters fast and fleet
And then there was a big surprise--
The Death Star's biggest gun began
To work before our eyes.

Well we shot the line and we went for broke
With Han and Lando's ships
And eleven hundred friendly Ewoks
Comin' up to Chewie's hips...

"Ahh, Master Luke, this here's your father come on?"
"Yes, Father. You want me to fix your microchips with this here Tatooine Toothpick?"
Yeah, Darth Vader serves the Dark Side, but he wants all the help he can get.

Well, they fought before the Emperor
Skywalkers, man-to-man
Luke almost went to the Dark Side, too
But then he saw his daddy's hand.

He said, Father, this here's your own son Luke
You just ain't a-gonna take my soul
So the last of Vader turned away from hate
And tossed the Emperore, Ten-Four

'Cause we got a great Rebellion...

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