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Alan P. Scott—Home
the cynical biped his own self
Added 11/30/2005. Updated 12/6/2005.
Infinity Internet—Webmail
...And beyond. Added for convenience 4/4/2006. Updated for even more convenience 4/15/2009.
MyPCC—Portland Community College
Classy. Added 12/8/2006.


Evergreen ClassLink
One-stop shop. Added 4/5/2017.
Evergreen Public Schools
New! And Improved! Updated 6/29/2007.
ENet (Evergreen's Intranet)
Improved! And new! Updated 4/5/2017.
Educational Service District 112
ESD112 contains the Evergreen School District. Updated 8/30/2002.
Evergreen bandwidth stats from Washington State K-20 Telecommunications Network
Pretty graphs monitor the District's link to Washington's K-20 network. Added 2/4/1999; updated 4/9/2004, 8/15/2005, 12/13/2005, 9/20/2018.
Northwest Regional Data Center Technical Operations
Tips and tricks for accessing WSIPC services. Added 1/21/2010. Updated 4/5/2017.
Outlook (Office 365) Web Access
Look out! Added 4/20/2009. Updated 2/2/2015, 4/5/2017.
Student Access Portal—Evergreen Public Schools
Added 11/15/2006. Updated 12/29/2011, 4/5/2017.
The Washington School Information Processing Cooperative. Added 4/12/2004. Updated 12/28/2007.

Frequent Flyers

Ars Technica
Dispatches from the Ministry of Innovation. Added 12/26/2012. Updated 4/5/2017.
"A Directory of Wonderful Things." Eclectic. Added 3/20/2001.
The Comics Curmudgeon
Yep. Focused and funny. Added 4/5/2006 via Greg Knauss, guest-starring on Kottke. Updated 4/5/2017.
Eclectic, San Francisco. Added 3/20/2001. Updated 4/5/2017.
Follow Me Here
Psychiatry, medicine, science, politics. Originally added 3/20/2001; pulled 5/24/2006. Found at its own domain when checked 4/6/2017.
The search engine, and more. Added 1/28/1999 via early adopter CJ Silverio.
"Strung out on science fiction"—a blog from the future. Added 1/2/2008 via, well, everywhere—but specifically Haddock. Updated 12/29/2011, 4/5/2017.
90.3 FM. Seattle's Experience Music Project and the University of Washington are partners for this slick, wide-ranging stream. Much better than I'd have expected. Added May 15, 2003; updated 9/20/2018.
Eclectic; design. NYC. Added 3/20/2001.
Making Light
Editors Teresa and Patrick Nielsen Hayden's way-cool blog. Added 1/16/2002, updated 5/1,7/2002, 3/20/2006.
The massive community weblog. Added 3/12/2001.
Whatever—John Scalzi
SF author, media critic and smart, sarcastic guy. Added 2/24/2011.

Watch List

Alas, a blog.
Articulate, intelligent and liberal—but I repeat myself. Plus, cartoons! Portland, OR. Added 8/30/2002. Updated 1/12, 3/17/2005, 4/5/2017.
Arts & Letters Daily
Dense, multifaceted, wide-ranging and current. Added 12/28/2000. Updated 6/11/2001, 10/7, 28/2002, 4/5/2017.
Crooked Timber
"Out of the crooked timber of humanity, no straight thing was ever made." Politics and general awareness. Added 2/5/2009.
Dark Roasted Blend
A Thrilling Wonder publication. Added 1/1/2008. Updated 2/29/2008.
David Byrne Journal
Yes, THE David Byrne. Long, thoughtful posts from this brilliant artist. Added 3/23/2007.
defective yeti
Funny. Added via RW 1/21/2003. Updated 12/29/2011.
The Early Days of a Better Nation
UK SF author Ken MacLeod. A real leftist. Added 4/14/2003 per More Like This.
High-density pop-culture tracking system. Added 3/1/2011.
JOHO the Blog
David Weinberger, coauthor of The Cluetrain Manifesto. Computing. Added 10/17/2002.
Neal Pollack
Previously known as Alternadad and "The Maelstrom"—somewhat muted now, but still a pure and shining beacon of hostility in a world gone mad. Added 9/20/2002. Updated 12/26/2012, 4/5/2017.
Neat and high-density collaborative blog, added via BBspot 6/2/2011.
the notes
Author and keen observer Miles Klee. Was "hate the future" for awhile. Added 12/29/2011. Updated 12/26/2012.
The Null Device
Music, computing, politics. Australia. Added 3/20/2001, updated 2/4/2004.
Photo Critique
Qiang Li's online photography forum. Added 4/25/2002.
Poise: The Blog
Eclectic. Textbooks and crafts. Added 3/29/2002 (as "Did You Know...?") via rebecca's pocket. Updated 2/18/2003, 3/5/2008.
The Progressive Review—News You Won't Find Elsewhere, by Sam Smith. Added 5/18/1999; updated 1/23, 12/31/2001, 6/11/2010.
Computing, politics. Added 3/20/2001. Updated 4/5/2017.
Scientific American
Official site—good-looking and content-rich for more than 20 years. Updated 12/23/1996, 4/5/2017.
Warren Ellis
Acerbic. Added 7/9/2008.
Washington Monthly
By way of Kevin Drum, formerly of CalPundit and Political Animal. California, politics. Added 4/1/2004. Updated 4/5/2017. Links Miniblog
Wide-ranging. Added 4/4/2008. Updated 4/5/2017.
Wil Wheaton dot NET 2.0
Wil Wheaton, ever more impressive as an actor and a person. Added 4/5/2011; updated 12/26/2012.
Wired News
Current and electrifying (heh). Added 6/13/2007. Updated 4/5/2017.


Area Code Lookup
Area code (NPA) and prefix (NXX) lookups via Gerald D. Added 4/5/2017.
Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
E. Cobham Brewer's work from 1894, "a browser's joy." Originally added 7/9/1997. Lost track of 1/2001. Found again 4/5/2017.
DuckDuckGo promises not to track you, or sell at you. Ever. Makes a nice change, doesn't it? Added 4/5/2017.
The search engine, and more. Added 1/28/1999 via early adopter CJ Silverio.
Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
Movies, TV and celebrities. Added 10/26/1995, updated 6/12/1996, 5/5/2010.
Interactive atlas and trip planning. Added 3/8/1996. Updated 4/5/2017.
Merriam-Webster Online
Online dictionary and thesaurus—single-word lookup. Added 2/20/1997, updated 12/29/2003, 4/5/2017.
The National Map (USGS)
It's official. Added 3/20/2002 as The National Atlas of the United States of America (which was retired in September 2014) via GirlHacker. Updated 4/5/2017.
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Official site includes online trademark search. Added 5/26/1999. Updated 4/5/2017.
Vendor/Ethernet MAC Address Lookup and Search
Enter NIC address or vendor. Replaced the Shmoo Group's offering when that broke. Added 2/2/2004.
WHOIS lookup (InterNIC)
Added 3/19/2001.
WHOIS lookup (Network Solutions)
Added 3/19/2001. Updated 1/7/2002, 4/5/2017.
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Added 2/17/2006. Updated 4/5/2017.
Windows Secrets
"Everything Microsoft forgot to mention." Formerly Brian's Buzz and WinFind—the Windows Tips Search Engine. Per FollowMeHere 2/20/2003. Updated 4/5/2005, 4/5/2017.—The World's Favorite Currency and Foreign Exchange Site
Exchange rate calculator and much more. Added 1/2/2008.
The ur-engine. Added 3/30/1995. Updated 4/5/2017.


Browser News
Dispatches from the front. Added 8/14/2001.
DNS Stuff
DNS, reverse DNS, MX record and blackhole lookups. Added per Gail P. 11/20/2002. Commercialized and less useful as of 4/18/2008.
Common Errors in English
Useful usage hints, added 7/14/2003 via FmH.
Don't Spread that Hoax!
Broad (but shallow) debunking of many memetic viruses. A useful backup resource. Added 12/29/1999; updated 1/26/2001.
Font Squirrel
Handpicked free fonts for graphic designers with commercial-use licenses. Added 4/28/2009 via Haddock. Updated 4/5/2017.
Gibson Research Corporation
Maker of SpinRite, ShieldsUp! and other fine products for Windows... tightly written in assembler! Added 4/4/2000. Updated 4/5/2017.
Printers, scanners, sometimes even computers. Added 3/1/2000.
I want a Freeware Utility to... (eConsultant)
Hundreds of links to utilities. Added 4/17/2006 via email.
Mailing and Posting Etiquette
Good, clear and concise advice, still perfectly valid in 2017. Via Kottke 4/16/2003.
Outlook Web App
"Everything OWA"—Added 2/10/2010. Updated 4/5/2017.
Power Pine: Getting the Most Out of Unix-, Mac- & PC-Pine by Nancy McGough
I still want to look into this someday. Added 4/13/2006. Last modified 12/10/2007.
Ralan's Webstravaganza
Online sf&f market resource, added 3/11/2003.
The Register UK
"Biting the hand that feeds IT." Added 7/28/2000 per Robot Wisdom.
SANS—Internet Storm Center—Cooperative Cyber Threat Monitor And Alert System
Added 1/3/2006.
Scanner Basics 101
Wayne Fulton's scanner and digital photography tips. Specific and comprehensive help. Added 8/6/1998.
Windows startup programs that might appear—and how to manage them. Via Flutterby 4/2/2003; updated 12/30/2003.
STC :: fontBROWSER ::
Browse installed fonts across browsers and platforms—Flash-based. Added 10/21/2003 via Kestrel's Nest.
ThinkGeek :: Stuff for Smart Masses
Dozens of droolworthy doodads. Via Randy M., 1/20/2005.
TinyApps.Org : Home
Could be the start of a beautiful relationship... Added 2/14/2002. Updated 4/5/2017.


Sites specifically for children and/or education.
Bembo's Zoo
LOVELY evocation of animals using typography. You need Flash, though. Added 2/6/2001.
Teens run this anti-censorship site, itself often blocked by censorware. Watchdog group to watch. Added 3/18/1998.
Keeping a sharp eye on education and the 'Net. Updated 8/8/1997, 12/29/2011, 4/5/2017.

Local Interest

Belmont Station
Right down my street. Beer from around the world and imported British food. Added 11/6/2006. Updated 12/29/2011.
City of Roses
Serial fantasy set in Portland, by Kip Manley. Via More Like This, 3/16/2007.
Clark County Public TRANsit page. Bus schedules &c. Added 11/24/1998.
Emil Fries School of Piano Tuning and Technology
A man on the bus told me about this landmark school for the blind. Added 12/4/2002.
Kaiser Permanente
HMO site added 4/5/1999. Updated 2/24/2000, 12/30/2003, 4/5/2017.
Movie Madness
The best video store on the planet, as far as I'm concerned—now has a searchable database. Added 2/24/2006.
Multnomah County Library
Portland OR's library system. Added 4/22/1997; updated 1/26/2001, 4/5/2017.
Municipal Research & Services Center of Washington
Searchable clearinghouse for WA laws and codes. Added 8/9/2000.
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)
Added 6/18/1996.
PDX History
Backstory. Added 5/15/2009 via Metafilter.
PDX—Portland International Airport Arrivals and Departures
Arrivals/departures and airline information at PDX. Updated 11/18/2002, 12/30/2003, 4/5/2005, 4/5/2017.
City of Portland data by address or map. Added 1/2/2003 via Jenn. Updated 4/5/2017.
Powell's Books—The World's Largest Independent Bookstore
New, Used, and Out of Print. Added belatedly 2/23/1999. Updated 4/5/2017.
Tri-Met: Public Transit in Portland, Oregon
Bus and light rail service. Added 3/30/1999. Updated 4/5/2017.

Nooz and Whether

The News-Review Online
Oregon news from Douglas County. Added 4/4/1996, updated 7/9/2002, 12/29/2011, 4/5/2017.
The New York Times
Added 8/18/1998. Updated 4/5/2017.
The Portland Mercury
Local indie. Added 5/24/2001. Updated 4/5/2017.
The Weather Channel
Weather for Portland, OR. Added 12/30/1996. Updated 10/30/2003, 4/5/2017.
The Weather Underground
Weather for Portland, OR. Wonder why they picked the name? Added 6/8/2001. Updated 4/5/2017.
Willamette Week
Indie local. Added 5/24/2001.


Cosma Shalizi
Hyper-Weirdness by World Wide Web. Proudly text-based. Added 7/3/1995; updated 2/28/2000, 5/6/2010, 4/5/2017.
Fun and funky free and shareware fonts. Added 7/31/2003 via bOING bOING.
DP: The Distributed Proofreading project
Another project for that copious free time I keep hearing about. Added 4/1/2008 (no joke). Updated 4/5/2017.
An Entirely Other Day
Greg Knauss' very funny—though very occasional—personal journal. Added 1/18/1996; updated 6/8/2000, 4/5/2005.
H.R. Giger
The official website for the late artist (d. 5/2014). Added 2/14/1997.
Hugh's Ominous Valve Works
Part of the pre-millennial web. Starts with video test patterns and gets weirder from there. Lost track of it back in 2000, then found alive and well on 4/5/2017.
Imagination Engines
Dr. Stephen Thaler builds neural nets, then kills them—and makes other nets watch. From this he draws some very interesting conclusions. Added 4/2/1997.
insanity check
AKA the Juicy Cerebellum. Tina, I love you but you've got to let me eat your BRAINNNNZ. Added 7/28/1998.
Justin's web love
Since 1994, an ongoing inquiry into the human condition. And computer games. Be a grown-up. Added 5/1/1995.
Kevin Kelly—Cool Tools
Things that work, in whatever category. Via Randy M. 1/20/2005.
Kibo : Kibo's official main menu
Added 4/2/1999. I wanted to say added 4/1/1999, because that would fit this site better than you know, but that would be a lie and I never lie in a bookmark description. I'm also ten feet tall. Honest.
James Howard Kunstler
Author of The Geography of Nowhere, et al. Added 5/29/2003 via RC3.
Peripatetic and Flashy. Added 7/13/1995; resurrected 2/29/2000; updated 12/31/2007.
The Museum of Jurassic Technology
Deadpan—a 100% serious examination of ridiculous claims and offbeat science. The physical Museum in Culver City, CA, just off Venice Boulevard, is well worth a visit. Added 1/30/1996 and still going strong in 2017.
The Onion - America's Finest News Source
Chronicle of our times. Added 7/11/1997.
Rotodesign - Patrick Broderick
Sly humor and fine free fonts in the same package! Added 2/8/2001, updated 2/20/2002.
Skeptic Friends Network
Thomases rejoice... added 3/10/2006.
THE SLOT: A Spot for Copy Editors
Just my style—curmudgeonly—though we differed on the hyphenation of "email." By the late Bill Walsh (d. 3/15/2017). Added 12/28/1998.
Snopes - The definitive resource
All the latest rumors, urban legends, myths and misinformation gathered together in one nifty list—plus, Snopes is just plain fun to say. Snopes Snopes Snopes... Added 4/19/2002. Updated 4/5/2017.
The Straight Dope
"Fighting Ignorance Since 1973 (It's taking longer than we thought.)" Added 3/2/1998 per Jeff G.
Strange Horizons
Weekly speculative fiction magazine—added 2/8/2001.
TechTales::Tech Room
True Tales of Tech. Support... all the old urban legends, but real ones too. Added 12/10/1997.
Uchronia: The Alternate History List
Added 6/2/2003—at least in THIS universe...
The Word Spy
The Word Lover’s Guide to New Words. It's verbalicious! Via Kottke 4/23/2004.


Things that DO things
ACME License Maker
Neat, if weird, little webtoy. Added 2/28/2000 per CJ Silverio.
ASCII Art Generator—Make your picture into text
Flexible and fast. Added via Kottke 3/22/2007.
Their pictures, your text. Added 12/19/2006.
Flickr Photo Sharing—Search
For added fun, use this with a random word generator. Added 4/7/2006. Updated 7/12/2006.
Charitably speaking. Multiple-choice synonym game. Added 7/8/2008.
Heavens-Above (Satellite Visibility)
Watch the skies! Updated 12/30/1999.
Instant Rimshot
Ba-DUM-pum. Via Metafilter, June 2008.
Newspaper snippet generator
Neato... added 5/9/2006 via Metafilter. Updated 4/5/2017.
Online Alarm Clock
Free online alarm clock displaying your computer's time. Added via Cool Tools 4/27/2009.
The Pixel Lab
Java and VRML stuff—neat. From memepool 11/29/2000.
Plumb Design Visual Thesaurus
A neat concept—proximity in meaning displays as proximity in space. Added 3/11/1999. Updated 1/16/2003.
Random Word Generator (Plus)
Several different flavors of randomly-generated text. Added 11/28/2007. Not found 2/13/2009. Found again at a new URL 4/6/2017.
Traveler IQ Challenge
Geography quiz added via Kottke 12/13/2007. Updated 4/5/2017.
Sad Trombone
Wah-wah-wah-waahhh. Via Metafilter, June 2008.


Things that SAY and PLAY things
Internet-only alternative radio, 24/7. Added 2/28/2000.
H O B E R Thinking Radio
Incredibly eclectic—Appalachian folk, Tibetan throat music... if it's good music by human beings, it could show up. Added 1/15/2003. Updated 12/29/2011.
KEXP 90.3FM, Seattle
Seattle's Experience Music Project and the University of Washington are partners for this slick, wide-ranging stream. Much better than I'd have expected. Added May 15, 2003.
KEXP Song of the Day—powered by FeedBurner
One at a time. Added 12/31/2008.
KNRK 94.7FM, Portland OR
Portland's alternative rock station. Added 7/9/1997; updated 7/7/2004, 4/5/2005, 12/31/2007.
Pandora Radio
Personalized Internet radio based on the Music Genome Project. Added 9/9/2009 via Jolly and Cathy D. Updated 12/29/2011.
Since 1/31/1995.
Commercial-Free, Independent Internet Radio—eclectic, mostly electronic, several streaming types. Added 2/27/2008.
Southern Shelter
Sloan Simpson maintains this extensive collection of shows recorded in and around Athens GA, occasionally featuring Bloodkin and the Dashboard Saviors. Added 6/13/2007.

Unchanging or Rarely Changing Links

Things that DON'T DO MUCH AT ALL these days, but somehow they're still around...
100 Useful Niche Search Engines You’ve Never Heard Of | College@Home
Meta snapshot, originally posted 6/19/2008. Added 6/25/2008.
Chris Baldwin's brilliant comic, largely PDX-based. Via Alas, a blog: "Like the real thing, but cross-hatched." Added 2/6/2003. Discontinued 2/14/2007. Rerunning strips as of 2010. Baldwin does do other stuff...
Caledos LAB
Windows-based wallpaper changer, back in the day. Free ("cardware") and very well-behaved. I sent 'im a postcard and got a mention! Added 10/17/1997; updated 1/25/2001.
Chip Rowe—Humor, Humour, Satire, Pranks, Reviews by Chip Rowe
From Boing Boing 6/1/2000.
Creating Passionate Users
That's pep! Added 4/6/2005 via Haddock. Officially abandoned by creator 4/2/2007 due to online harassment. Keeping around in case she ever changes her mind.
"Random." Silicon Valley. Added 3/20/2001. Last change 8/10/2014.
Eclectic. Australia. Added 3/20/2001. Updates stopped in 2015.
"I Just Want To Be Friends."
From one insignificant other to another, a sardonic look at people who, you know, just don't like you *in that way*. Added 2/16/1996. Last updated 9/3/2004.
Food and drink, New Orleans. Los Angeles. Added 3/20/2001. Updated 12/29/2009. Last change 11/30/2014.
Modern Humorist
Nice retro design, plus, it's funny! Added 5/23/2000; updated 7/7/2000. Last updated sometime in 2009.
Plep in New York
World-spanning detail. Added 1/23/2002 per Bifurcated Rivets. Updated from 12/28/2007. Infrequent; last update 2/3/2011.
Vetted freeware for Windows & Linux, from Usenet. Via Metafilter 1/24/2005 but last updated 9/4/2004.
rebecca's pocket
Eclectic. Web design, politics. Added 3/21/2001. Last updated 2/28/2014.
rone's Recent Entries
Talk.bizarre regular, met in meatspace (though no longer solo!). Added 9/20/2002. Swore off LJ as of 12/30/2016.
Thoughts from the Center of the Universe.
Clever. Hometown friend Randall Moeller's friendly blog. Added 3/11/2004 via the author. Last updated 4/1/2004.
Tigers & Strawberries
Barbara Fisher's tasty blog. Added 10/10/2005; updated 11/28/2005, 2/21/2010, 11/25/2010. "Down for maintenance" as of 8/30/2012...


A Sanitarian Abroad
Sean Carver, posting from WV and elsewhere. Added 7/9/2008. Last updated 11/26/2008.
Hill Trash
Sarah Einstein, posting from Morgantown WV. Added 4/18/2008. Last updated 9/22/2013.
Strawbelly Jerry Films LLC
Former cow orker Jeff Grinta, on to bigger and better things—added 8/15/2006 per Rob and the Columbian. Updated 12/26/2012.
Loch Lomond
Portland chamber folk ensemble. Viola player Amanda also taught violin to certain children of my acquaintance. Added 11/15/2007. Updated 4/5/2017.
marlee macleod home page
Minneapolis MN musician—former Wenton Goner John Crist toured with her, once upon a time. Added 3/23/2007.
Official Website of "Burning Annie"
Van Flesher's feature film. Added 12/30/2002.
Pua Lahilahi
Laura (hey, Hap!), posting from Hawai'i. Added 4/18/2008. Last updated 5/6/2009.
Rattling Thunder
Fun and funky embroidery designs. Added 11/15/2007.
Talented traditional Celtic music. Added 7/6/2001.
underdog hopelessness
Added 10/29/2001 per JG, updated 4/9/2003, 12/21/2005.


Oldbies and newbies and cavenewts, oh my!
Former t.b regular now focused on physical fitness. Added 7/7/2004 as; updated 7/7/2009, 5/5/2010.
chez merde
Wore her scatological userID with pride. Updated 3/31/1998. Last known change 9/22/2007.
nj's face
Talk.bizarre emeritus Narciso Jaramillo, or alter ego Rictus Hep. Added 4/9/1997; updated 1/25/2001.
talk.bizarre's Friends
Graduate spool. Added 4/9/2004 via Rone.
The talk.bizarre 'Web Directory
Selected t.b posters—a club that, as of March 2003, had enfolded me in its loving molten biomatic arms! Added 3/8/1999, updated 3/11/2003. Last update 6/23/2003.
The 100 Words Stories Podcast
Laurence Simon—check out 100-word stories read aloud. Added 1/12/2007 as "This Blog Is Full Of Crap"; updated 12/26/2012.


Art and the Zen of Web Sites
Opinionated and quirky Web advice. Added 12/14/1999.
Dave Raggett's Introduction to CSS
Cascading Style Sheets for beginners. Added 2/19/2002.
Hypertext Markup Language—2.0—HTML Public Text
Document Type Definition for HyperText Markup Language, level 2. Added 12/23/1998.
The W3C Markup Validation Service
W3C's easy-to-use HTML validation service, based on an SGML parser. Added 7/9/2008.