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I am one of the founding members of Northwest Koi and Goldfish Club, which began in Vancouver, WA in 1979. At that time there were 6 of us who had little, if any information on how to keep these beautiful living jewels happy, healthy and more importantly alive in our colder climate. I have had many ponds: concrete, mud and liner! Back in those days Koi keeping was a "crap shoot" at best and many decisions both good and bad were made until we figured it out with many mistakes taking their toll, both on our fish and on us. Since those days long ago I still say to those just getting into the hobby "The day you purchase your first Koi is the last day of sanity in your life, this is not really "just a hobby" but it's a lifestyle that takes over if you let it". Be smart and figure out what you want from the hobby of Koi. Do you want to raise and show fish, or do you want a nice pond to enjoy?

In 1999 we built our first dream home with a 7,000-gallon indoor Koi pond, surrounded by 1000 square feet of gardens in the center of our new home. We were tired of going through "winters" and worrying about our fish. You can view the old house and pond by clicking on the links below. We needed equipment, supplies and medications! The cost in some cases was prohibitive. Our frustration with the high costs of retail prices was actually the birth of Direct2usales.com. Our intention was to save ourselves money and have the ability to pass it on to you, our friends and customers. As you will notice we do not have prices on every product, nor do we feature all products. We feature those we have either tried ourselves, sold over the years with great feedback or feel are "the best of the breed". If you want something you do not see listed please click on the email Terrie and ask me for pricing on the product. Please give me the name of the product, model number and any other information so I can find the source.

We are not just in the business of selling pond products, we are the Koi people who have "BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT".

It is said that, if you do not pat yourself on the back, nobody else will do the job for you! After 35 years of being an interior designer I can now say I am an "award winning" designer. I completed an exciting project for a client who asked me to design a 40,000 gallon indoor pond and surrounding building to be attached to their home. He designed the plumbing and I got to design all the pretties. This pond was only part of the whole house remodel and the project took almost a year to complete. I was honored and awarded a trophy from The Clark County Home Builders Assoc. for the Best Remodel in 2008. Prior to this job I have also designed other indoor ponds with new rooms, one a retro "let's take you back to the 1950's" which I will get pictures uploaded just for fun. Meet our Serval, E'Leisha Marie - THE CAT WHO RUNS OUR LIFE.

Terrie and John are Amazon Authors!

Terrie Kaufman writes from her life experiences
Her first book WHAT THE HIGH SCHOOLS FORGOT TO TEACH YOUR CHILDREN is designed to help someone just starting independent life away from the comfort of their parent's home, or that kid who thinks he knows it all and finds he can't get a job, can't rent an apartment and may wind up back in his old bedroom with you still cooking and washing his laundry. It's the best $2.99 gift you can give to your child, grandchild, or even yourself. - go to Terrie's Amazon Page

John Thomas Smith writes fiction... Murder Mysteries and Science Fiction
John's Amazon Page to see and order from his list of books John's Amazon Page

Terrie's BLOG about HER experience living through Families and Drugs


House Building
- Build Part 2 - Finished Inside - Landscaping - Cat Pictures

Pictures showing what we did to build our old house and Terrie's Design work

Building a Concrete Pond - In the Washougal House we Sold - 2008 Award Winning Indoor Pond

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