POND EMPORIUM

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Please go to the PAYMENT INFORMATION page for a list of states where you may pick up products to save the shipping cost

If your state is one of those in the list at PAYMENT INFORMATION the current (October 2016) cost is $0.75 per square foot, plus any local taxes

FIRESTONE EPDM POND LINER - (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer)


Due to Liner and UPS Price Fluctuations all shipping is by individual Quote
EPDM liner is made from Petroleum products, so the current price of liner depends on the world price for crude oil

POND LINER SIZES AND SHIPPING - Liner is priced per square foot, plus shipping, so Email Terrie with the size you want, and your Zip code, and I will contact the warehouse and reply to your Email

Sizes which are under 150 pounds will be shipped via UPS, sizes over 150 pounds are shipped by "common carrier" truck.
- NOTE that 45 Mil sizes larger than 480 square feet weigh more than 150 pounds
- 45 Mil Liner is available in width and length increments of 5 Feet
- The minimum width of 45 Mil liner is 5 feet, the maximum width is 50 feet
- The minimum length of 45 Mil liner is 10 feet, the maximum length is 100 feet

EPDM Underlayment
Underlayment is a Polyester blended felt material designed to go under your liner to help protect it from rocks or other hard edges in the ground.

Send Terrie an Email with your size and Zip code for a price quote

Special Order EPDM Liner
PondGard 45-mil Liner is the normal stock item at the warehouse
By Special Order Only we are able to offer other EPDM products
  • 60-mil ROOF Liner for heavy duty applications - SOME sizes, so Email Terrie for availability
  • 60-mil ROOF Liner for a travel trailer - 10 Feet Wide ONLY
For special order items, send Terrie a note with your location (for shipping cost) and the size and type of Special Order Liner you need

  • The trucking companies who deliver the liners have some rules. They will not deliver to a rural address where they cannot turn their trucks around to get in and out. They are not required to take the liner off the truck, as they do not have lift gates, unless they are requested to bring a truck out which has one. There will be an extra charge for the lift gate if needed.
  • Here is what they do, at least most of the drivers. Over the last 6 years of selling liners we have only had 2 problems but I do want customers to know what could happen if the stars are not property aligned.
  • Most of the drivers are great guys, they will push the liner off into your driveway, and some will help. And then, there are those who are union and they seem to be the drivers in California, Florida and New York. Only some of these drivers will not help so please be prepared to at least give a hand to get the liner off the truck, or call friends if needed. For the most part there are no problems but being forewarned is better then not knowing. And NO, they will not take your liner to your yard where the pond is to be built.
  • Due to the weight of EPDM Liner, we do not accept orders from outside the Continental United States (48 States).
  • If you prefer a single invoice, send an Email to Terrie with a list of what you wish to purchase, and your address, for a price quote and a single PayPal invoice for your entire order of goods plus shipping
  • Your Email needs to include your full address and your telephone number (in case we have a question about your order) Please, do NOT use a Post Office box for a shipping address!
  • .45 mil EPDM Firestone PondGard liner weighs 0.31 pounds per square foot, so please NOTE that sizes larger than 480 square feet weigh more than 150 pounds, and therefore must be shipped by Trucking Company
  • Washington Residents will have 8.2% Sales Tax added
A Special Note on How to Make a Good Seam Between Sections of Liner
  1. Start by cleaning off the light dusting of "anti-stick powder" with a non-additive petroleum distillate, such as Coleman Camp Fuel (aka "White Gas" but NOT gasoline from an automotive pump, which has additives) (be sure to read and carefully follow the "handling and use" warnings on the can) WARNING - petroleum distillate is FLAMMABLE - NO SPARKS OR FLAME!
  2. You will clean both sections of the liner, an "inner" and an "outer" part, where the two sections are to be joined
  3. Apply Tape Activator according to the instructions on the can
  4. Make sure the liner is PERFECTLY FLAT for a good seam
  5. Apply double-sided splice tape to the liner "part A" of your new seam
  6. Apply the "part B" liner to the other side of the double-sided tape
  7. Clean the "outside" edge of your new seam (do not over-apply the solvent, you don't want the solvent to seap into the seam and loosen the tape) WARNING - petroleum distillate is FLAMMABLE - NO SPARKS OR FLAME!
  8. Apply Tape Activator to the new "outside" edge of your new seam
  9. Apply the 6 inch wide cover tape to the new seam, 3 inches of tape on either side of the external line between the sections
A Special Note on "EXTRA WIDE" Liner Sizes
  • The maximum liner width from the factory is 50 feet
  • If you need a section of liner that is (for example) 50 x 70 it will be cut from a factory roll, and you pay the liner price plus shipping
  • If you need a section of liner that is (for example) 60 x 70 it must be seamed using a special machine
  • This extra seaming process costs $9 per running foot
  • The example 60 x 70 custom size will therefore cost an additional ($7x70) $490 over and above the cost of the liner and shipping
  • Due to shipping restrictions (the size and weight that will fit on a pallet at the vendor) it is also possible that extremely large custom sizes are not possible at all
  • Send an Email for more information - be sure to include your full address for a price quote
Lap Sealant is a black, rubber based caulk (in a standard caulking tube) used for sealing edges, such as where liner and decorative rocks merge

Tape Activator is a primer, to be used before adhearing seam or cover tape to rubber, to "prime" the rubber surface for better adhesion.

The 3 inch tape is double sided, used BETWEEN layers for seams. (see Tape Activator)

The 6 inch tape is single sided, used OVER layers to protect seams. (see Tape Activator)

The Patch Kit has 2 each 6" x "6 pieces of cover tape and 1 scrubber pad. The 6x6 cover tape is sticky on one side.

To clean the Liner, use a scrubbing pad with non-additive solvent like Coleman Camp Fuel (of course, no smoking or open flames!) to clean the surface of the rubber to get ready to apply the tape activator and splice or cover tape.

Bonding Adhesive is used to attach the liner to a solid surface, such as decking

To place an order, or for more information about any of these items (or about shipping your order), please send me a note!

Payment may be made by Credit Card (using PayPal), Check or Money Order. Non-US orders MUST be paid by Credit Card or International Money Order, made out in US Dollars.