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Welcome to my Home Page, a repository for some of my photos - with related info and/or history about their subjects. Some pix were taken during my travels, but most are about the Northwest - particularly Oregon and the city of Portland, where I finally settled, supposedly for good, in 1987 after living in over a dozen other cities around the US. However, I moved to the Sunset Hills/Ballard neighborhood of Seattle in January of 2005, moved again to the city of Bend in central Oregon when I retired in July of 2007, then returned to the Portland area once again at the end of April, 2009. I plan to add pix from these other NW locations in the near future.

Links at the bottom of this page also lead to a selection of Family Photos, including a compilation of pix in memory of my father.

And there are also links to several pages about gemstones (my latest avocation) that include pix of the faceted stone, wire-wrapped cabochon, and bead jewelry that I make.

Stonehenge Coast sunset


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  Portland-1 (2/15/08) Portland-2 - Local activities (2/15/08)
  Coast-1 (2/8/08) Gorge-1 (2/8/08)
  Coast-2 (2/8/08) Gorge-2 (11/1/03)
  Central Oregon (12/9/07) Crater Lake (1/28/06)
  Bend (2/8/08) John Day Fossil Beds (8/26/02)
  Waterfalls-1 (7/8/03) Waterfalls-2 (7/8/03)
  Mountains (9/18/02) Sunsets (10/21/02)
  Seattle Ballard
  Mt. St. Helens (11/21/00) Olympic Peninsula (1/18/01)
  Camellias (1/28/06) Peonies (2/28/06)
  Daffodils (1/28/06) Rhododendrons (7/2/03)
  Dahlias (1/28/06) Roses (1/28/06)
  Irises (1/28/06) Tulips (12/2/03)
  Lilacs (12/10/03)  
  Wildflowers-1 (10/25/03) Wildflowers-2 (10/25/03)
  Tanzania-1 - Ngorongoro Crater (4/2/01) Tanzania-2 - Serengeti Plains (4/2/01)
  Kilimanjaro-1 - Machame Route (7/02) Kilimanjaro-2 - Shira Plateau east (7/02)
  Kilimanjaro-3 - Karanga to Barafu (7/02) Kilimanjaro-4 - Mweka descent (7/02)
  England-1 - Southwestern (2/5/05) England-2 - Lake District
  Scotland-1 - Stirling, Western (2/5/05) Scotland-2 - the Peninsulas (3/14/01)
  Scotland-3 - North Central (3/14/01) Scotland-4 - Edinburgh, The Borders (2/5/05)
  Wales-1 (3/15/03) Wales-2
  Germany-1 (5/21/03) Germany-2 (12/25/07)
  Hawai'i-1 (3/15/03) Atlanta-1 (12/6/00)
  Hawai'i-2 (2/13/04) Atlanta-2 - North Georgia Area (11/25/00)
  Denver-1 (1/28/04) New Orleans-1 (3/15/03)
  Denver-2 (11/9/00) New Orleans-2 (3/15/03)
  San Antonio (11/12/03) San Francisco (11/12/03)
  Gems-1 (1/4/09) Gems-3 (1/4/09)
  Gems-2 (1/4/09)  Gems-4
  Wire-wrapped Jewelry (5/21/09) UC Available Cabochons (2/8/10) UC
  FAMILY PORTRAITS (12/9/04) UC "Papa" - In Memorium (12/23/08) UC
  BJ & Michelle's Wedding - 5/20/00 Drew & Tisha's Wedding - 9/28/02


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