"Solutions to problems lie in unsuspected dimensions."

Drug Abuse: problem solved!
“Legalize - Advertise - Toxify”


Loren Eiseley on the trap of over-specialization: 

...If we continue to do this, the great brain–the human brain–will be only a new version of the old trap, and nature is full of traps for the beast that cannot learn. 

 from “The Hidden Teacher”



It’s a modern science topic that goes widely misunderstood.  Even by many college students who learn it in Biology 101.

But the legislature of Logicistan, the former ASR of the Soviet Union, makes evolution work to solve many of their society’s problems.

In Logicistan, drug abuse is virtually vanquished.  Intellectual skills are slowly and steadily improving.  Prison populations are at an all time low, and falling.  The economy is no longer ensnarled in prices of cheaply-manufactured, illicit drugs that were artificially pushed to astronomically inflated heights.  And anti-drug zealots no longer constantly find “reason” to use police powers that suppress civil and human rights of anyone in their line of fire.

What has evolution to do with such social successes?

Namerev Chumski, Logicistan’s purposeful prime minister, tells how he “saw the light” while on safari in East Africa.  Nam was watching a lioness working a herd of wildebeests.  “She stalked the herd by lying low in the tall grass,” explained Chumski.  “Then she picked out the most feeble or most inept and made a meal of that one.”

“I thought of her as just lazy,” he continued, “But then I realized that there was much more to it than that. The gene pool of the wildebeests had improved a notch by her action.  The population explosion of wildebeests moved one notch away from disaster. 

Evolution was advanced!”

But Chumski saw a little further out there on the veldt.  “Remove the lions.” he mused, “and ‘God’s work’ is thwarted.  Wildebeests would become freer to regress toward evolutionary decay.”

And it was then that P.M. Chumski burst the bonds of over-specialization and saw into unsuspected dimensions at the edges of human comprehension.

“Human beings are on the evolutionary treadmill, too,” he declared triumphantly.  “And drugs are among the stalkers keeping us on our toes.  If we try to remove their temptations from society we thwart that ‘work of God’.”

Legal heroin
The first dangerous drug legalized in Logicistan was heroin: addictive and deadly...and so obviously evil that only the most gullible of Logicistaners failed to avoid it.  Evolution advanced in Logicistan!

But so slowly. . .   A more pernicious drug was needed to do God’s work.

So Logicistan legalized tobacco (which had been illegal in Logicistan all the time the rest of the world was destroying their health care systems with that pernicious drug).  Tobacco was too slow a poison to be effective, but an oddity of the extensive new tobacco fields in south Logicistan put a near lethal dose of a mysterious toxin in about one in a thousand cigarettes, which led to a great   (continued on page 2)