The trap of overspecialization

       "Is man at heart any different from the spider, I wonder: man thoughts, as limited as spider thoughts, contemplating now the nearest star with the threat of bringing with him the fungus rot from earth, wars, violence, the burden of a population he refuses to control, cherishing again his dream of the Adamic Eden he had pursued and lost in the green forests of America...

      "...We are too content with our sensory extensions, with the fulfillment of that ice age mind that began its journey amidst the cold of vast tundras and that pauses only briefly before its leap into space.

Matilda Dillon, facing down the killer!     "It is no longer enough to see as a man seesóeven to the ends of the universe.  It is not enough to hold nuclear energy in one's hand like a spear, as a man would hold it, or to see the lightning, or times past, or time to come, as a man would see it.  If we continue to do this, the great brainóthe human brainówill be only a new version of the old trap, and nature is full of traps for the beast that cannot learn."

from "The Hidden Teacher," in The Unexpected Universe
by Loren Eiseley (Harcourt, Brace Jovanovich, 1964-69.)


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pursued and lost...

"...cherishing again his dream of the Adamic Eden he had pursued and lost..."

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