Stereopis is an interesting perception that can show us a lot about how we know—and successfully interact with—the world about us.  There are several interesting and useful extensions of perceptions that use stereopsis, too.X

We'll extend this page into some of these matters.  For now take a look at some dot patterns that illustrate some central concepts leading to some understanding of entropy and of information theory.

Much more to follow . . .


The pattern below looks rather random.  It is not!  It is very ordered.

If you use your stereopsis–cross or spread your eyes to fuse adjacent segments (there are four segments)–you will see the ordering.

Perceiving patterns is very important to us.  Patterns are repetitions, and repetitions are important for making predictions.  The regularity in the above set of dots is "hidden" simply because evolution didn't provide us with the perception needed to see it.  The dots below explore a bit further into this interesting edge of human comprehension.  (The answers are here and hidden, too—and easily reached, if you find the secret!)

Two of these nine patterns are random.  Which two?  The other seven have simple organizing schemes.  Can you find them?

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