Prejudice sees 'them' below 'us.'
recognizes that 
"I am a part of a larger group."
...but it easily deteriorates into 
inability to conceptualize improvements in one's country.
"May the injustices and humiliation suffered here as a result of hysteria, racism and economic exploitation never emerge again."

Injustice, racism and exploitation will always be alive, well and on a hair trigger as long as:
  • The Prove Anything Ploy is seen as the way to justify anything we do.
  • The Prove Anything Ploy is seen as the way to prove any wish is true.
  • We order people according to their value by putting them all in a line.
Every person or nation that commits atrocities easily sees those atrocities as 'bettering humanity.'
Each person is free to select the one component out of millions that puts him or her 'at the top.'


  Revisit "What We Must Do," a warning to humanity from out of the past for some bird's eye views.