Astrology, telekinesis, angels, Bigfoot, precognition, extraterrestrial visits to Earth, remote viewing, quantum jump, recovered memories, dowsing, shroud of Turin, life after death, reincarnation, creationism, perpetual motion, Big Bang, Loch Ness monster, ESP, out-of-body travel, homeopathy, channeling, quantum leap, magical pyramids, alien-abduction, spiritual possession, psychic healing, therapeutic touch, theomatics, Bermuda Triangle, biorhythms...
Which of these deserve the title, "pseudoscience"?
Which have sound scientific basis?
Which are accepted by the appropriate scientific community?

Just what is science, anyway?

And "pseudoscience"?

You have an attractive hypothesis
You want to prove it.

Click here for a guaranteed proof.

Pseudoscience is frequently infected with

  Science has created a new world of knowledge because it's a fairly effective vacination against the singles.  It's an improvement in human thinking that opens windows into a little of the territory outside the edges of (easy) human comprehension.
  Every engineer uses scientific knowledge to create the things everybody uses.  The physics of electricity and magnetism leads to telephones, TV's, and computers.  Chemistry  leads to sophisticated plastics, semiconductors, and pharmaceuticals.  The mathematics of tensor analysis leads to the shapes and reinforcements of the giant engineering structures.  But using the knowledge of science isn't the same thing as using the thinking that produced that knowledge. 
  Avoiding the singles is simple, but it's very subtle.  Improvement of thinking that avoids the singles has been a striking improvement of man, a gift of evolution.
  We think of ourselves as the "highest" form of life on earth.  That perspective makes it especially difficult to understand the six-factor color of a bird, a knowledge beyond human comprehension, except through some pretty sophisticated mathematics—which few humans understand anyway.  We tend to think simply egocentrically, "What I see is what exists"...a symptom of the singles.
  Yet, that issue of dimensionality of color vision, which so few realize is an issue at all, is much the same thing that brought several economists Nobel prizes.  Human purpose and human values, like color perception, are multicomponented.  Competing single-purpose egocentrisms give us conflicts, even wars—symptoms of the singles.
  Collecting confirmations while supressing disconfirmations—a common underpinning of pseudoscience and "addiction" to casino and lottery—is a symptom of the singles.
  Ignoring the gambling losses while exalting gains—and seeing statistics as a tool exclusively of liars rather than a source of some of the most useful and powerful understanding of the world around us—is a symptom of the singles.

The singles corrupts our personal knowledge files.

  Consider  "energy,"  obviously one of science's most important concepts to us as day-to-day human beings.  Since Aristotle coined the word—meaning "at work"—from our vivid experiences with a need for food (fuel for our cars, too, now),  rest, and sleep, we have sensed it as some single, simple entity, somewhat mysteriously contained within our food and fuel, coming ultimately from the sun according to modern science.  The energy of science is a simple, single number.  But the thing Aristotle had in mind is complex, multi-factored, statistical, and woven in the fabric of thermodynamics as intricately as colored threads in a Persian rug.  Even though we usually "forget" them, the waste products of processes are as much a part of it all as is the fuel-air mix...the food-oxygenated blood functioning...the sun and the falling rain.  Removing wastes is central to Aristotle's "energy."  We eventually must remove the silt from our reservoirs.


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