This page is obsolete.  It remains here for its historical interest...and the puzzle clues it leads to.
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This site is intended to be always under construction...awaiting your input.
You are invited to join in the construction by furnishing your own questions, puzzles, and answers.  Perhaps set up rooms of an "Adventure Cave" on your own Web site to link into a larger system.

We want to discuss the answers (yes, answers are hidden around here somewhere) and, especially, how to present them.  Several of the puzzles on the "Eureka" page are well-known to cognitive psychologists: the colored figure and four-card selection problems were the subject of a book by Percy C. Wason of Cambridge Univ.  The buzz-saw, checkerboard, and five-card selection puzzles were in Martin Gardner's "Mathematical Games" feature in Scientific American.  Gardner's five-card selection is a diabolical twist on the Wason version.  The bouncing ball and kayak puzzles come from my own physics exams and are remarkable as extreme examples of "simple but difficult."  The negation of negation question reveals one remarkable, observable difference between people in human thought processes.

Recent research into the unusual difficulty most people find in learning science and math suggests that useful learning requires unusual effort.  Problem solving, dissonance resolving, real-life difficulties that strain the thinking.  That's what it takes.  Understanding doesn't often happen when "The Answer" is taught and learned.

All the pages here are steering toward puzzles, dissonances, differences of opinion (controversy), mysteries, etc. (Stereopsis is hidden on this site, e.g.  Did you find it?)  We aim at seeking examples and exemplars, models and metaphors.  And we always need more.  So while we have taken most of the lines of thought presented here further, we want to know what you think is needed.  What might work?  What seem to be useful answers to the puzzles posed?

How can we tie into other Web sites?  How can we construct "Adventure Caves" like those of the early days of home computers?  These are grand, many-faceted  puzzles, the goal of which is simply to extend one's knowledge, to find as many "secrets" as possible.

Please be in touch.

Actually, I'm not drowning in that quicksand.  That's just to get your attention.  I had a very good reason to be sinking in that Colorado River bank back in 1962, and Keturah had good reason to be grinning with her head on that rock.
Why in quicksand?
I've been writing html code now for several months.  I'm still using Microsoft Publisher (97 & 98) to initially generate some of my html code and then using Netscape Communicator (4.5) for later edits.  I'm checking the results with several versions of Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer.  The results are very browser dependent.

If you are using a browser earlier than version 3, some of the features I'm using won't appear correctly.  Some math symbols won't show, and some tables won't line up as intended.  The outrageous pages on "advertising" "hype" may not work outrageously at all!

I've attempted to use the case sensitivity of URL's as a tool for "password" possibilities.  (You were to change the case of a letter in the URL to go to a different page.)  This ran into unexpected difficulties.  Some browsers switch to all lower case, an informal standard for some programmers writing browser code.  I'll probably convert to that standard (eventually).

Originally, I cut out many gif's and reduced most of the pictures to thumbnails to speed up downloading.  This defeated some of the purposes of our efforts; I've returned to gif's big enough to give a little better resolution.

Some things are working out pretty well: Check out the stereoscopic backgrounds scattered here and there.

For now, I'm seeking help on these questions and problems:

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