Six* Eurekas to Unusually Useful Physics
*Number subject to change.  "Six"  was chosen simply because it has so  few letters.

Physicists often point out that since physics is a body of laws governing all matter,
physics is the key to understanding everything.
Asserts sufficiency on the basis of necessity.
New Agers often point out that science is insufficient for understanding
the "deepest" of human affairs, so science, being 
"just an alternative way of knowing," may be ignored.
Rejects a necessity on the basis of lack of sufficiency.
Which of these statements is an improper inversion of an implication, much as is often made by people unsuccessful in solving Wason's four-card selection puzzle?

Modern science is all too often seen as useless.  It is seen as "ivory-towered and quite out of touch with the real  world." 

He who sees, can use it.  In the real  world .  He who can't see it, may think it's not real.  May even be certain it's not real.

 He who teaches should connect his teaching and his students to the real world.  He who can't, should try something else.

Remember Shaw's maxim "for revolutionists"?
"He who can, does.  He who cannot, teaches."
It might have truths in dimensions that the teacher simply hasn't perceived.  And so, a revolution is needed to clear the silt out of the teaching that produces knowledge without usefulness.

And produces whole shelves of textbooks all of which are:
Surely you're joking...

Six Eurekas
A few of the places where physics informs us about things outside of matters that are strictly physics

Entropy (not energy): the secret of life.
Look in the silt for the importance of stochastic processes.

"Don't use heat as a noun" (leads to the secret of getting rich through the lottery).
Look for Gullible's Travails and PAP.

Energy is not capacity to do work; necessity is not sufficiency.
Look for Wason's card puzzle and it's seers and non-seers.

Acceleration is a vector and a derivative; vectors (and tensors) are the secret to fair taxes and fair intelligence testing.  And bird-brain color.
Look for a lot of people lined up all in a row.

The law of action and reaction; logic that leads to the secret to fairness.
Look for the movie critic's comment about P.I.'s.

Predicting sunburn and suntan;
why bird brains and bee brains are sometimes superior.
Look for the stereoscopic pictures of Neptune and Saturn, then look up a little higher.

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