We land our boats just at the mouth of the canyon and walk around that first curve to the left.
June, 1962
Ahead looms an imposing, overhanging clam-shell wall just before the canyon turns to the right.
June, 1962
An enormous boulder has fallen off the ridge above making a bridge we could boat under.
Keep looking up!
June, 1962
That wall is stunning.  The sort of rock Katie Lee would call "sensuous."

And it's much larger than it had seemed when we first saw it.


Click above the picture of the clam shell to get a closer look at it.
The route goes no further than one sweeping turn to the right, then one sweeping turn to the left, putting us under the big alcove you can see in the upper left of the aerial picture.

The wall Keturah is on is under the shadow of that big alcove.  We face a high waterfall and "jump-up" to the left of Keturah's climb.  We've heard that a few people have done the climb and explored further.  We decide not to try it without better protection.