Life is a mystery.
Isn't it?
Piet Hein says,
Science is simple,
Life is two locked boxes,
but subtle.

Each containing the other's key.

Do these seem like some of the mysteries in your life?
Just who, really, is the best? The best what?
Under what circumstances?   SEE
Just where, really, is the best place to live? The best for whom?
For doing what?  SEE
Can I get rich through the lottery? From which side of the transaction? SEE
Can astrology tell me things science cannot? Yes, but should I believe it?    SEE
When will we ever put an end to war? What if we don't? SEE


Be   a   swift,   not   a   gull.
Don't   be   gulled   into   dumbing    down.
The   technological  world  is  a  race for the swift.
Difficult problems?  Look for unsuspected dimensions.
Learning is not your goal; seeing those dimensions is.
When  trying  to  see,  don't  shirk  hard  work.
Look for  the  obvious  yet  unobserved.
Look   beyond    the    obvious.
Try to see like a bird.
That's life!