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We are seeking your help in this effort to make science useful.
That math, physics, chemistry, (etc) is really very useful...impressively powerful, in fact. But often it's not what it seems at first.  It has hidden secrets.  Well, not really secrets, but simply things that are simple enough but actually rather subtle.  You can be looking right at them...but you don't see them.

You struggle, try and err, and then, flash!, you see! 

And then you know.  And you know in a very special way.  It's a way that makes you wonder how anyone could look and not see.

But there will be people around you who watch you, look at what you are looking at, and wonder what you think you see.  And you've forgotten, forgotten that you, too, saw nothing all that time.

Science facts, learned without the Eureka's, are usually the prescientific notions, today called "misconceptions" by those who have seen.  And some even call it "pseudoscience"  when it gets pursued seriously.

Science is exploration at 
The Edge of Human Comprehension

The fine print

Other animals have different edges

For now, the following topics are our main focus.  Click away, and see where they lead.

Memories  ...a scrapbook of enchanted places.
Find the Platinum Plover Egg

*Number subject to change. "Six" was chosen because it has so few letters.

Look at preview of new, accurate Portland street maps

These topics correspond to several groups we work with. Things presented here span interests of several of these groups.  Knowledge is made more useful when connections between seemingly disparate things can be seen.

Working Groups

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Maintained by Phil & Keturah Pennington to share ideas and to work on certain problems of making knowledge useful.

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