the magic path to the truth

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"Put 'em in jail!" . . .  See "Remembering Dangerously"

"O.K. give 'em a trial first. That's fair isn't it?"  See"Junk Science in . . ."

"The more serious it is, the deeper it gets repressed." See FMS. (The link to FMSF link is defunct.)

"I know what I believe!" 

See Exploring Mind, Memory, and Belief
See Part 2 of above

 In his Psychology 110 lectures (ca. 1963 at UC Berkeley), Donald McKinnon demonstrated hypnosis and told of his research on that popular topic.  He emphasized that it is not as unusual a state as is popularly believed.  He especially stressed that it is primarily a state of greatly heightened suggestibility.

Obvious, yet widely unobserved: