a scrapbook of enchanted places


from the memories of Phil and Keturah Pennington
Keturah doing what she does best: get to places others don't go.
Once upon a time, anyone could go here.  This is one of the calmest stretches of river in the world.  And one of the most beautiful.

No . . . not "one of."

This is the one.

Landing at False Entrance This is the place...of enchantment, of exquisite beauty, of captivating exploration.

These are explorers from the University of California (Berkeley) Hiking Club.  The year is 1962.

That's Helen McGinnis about to land, and her brother, Rich.  Today, Helen is an author in Marin County, Calif, and Rich teaches college in Mississippi.

..Hidden Passage..Labyrinth Canyon Side canyons!

The red sandstone is slightly water soluble.  But it's a desert.  When it rains it pours.  Flash floods!  Rocks get washed down and erode as they go.  It's Nature, here completely free to exercise her unsurpased skill at sculpture.

Today, Carla lives in and about Boulder, Colo. and works on issues of women's rights and irrational beliefs.  Ed lives near Boulder where he set up a piton factory; he also co-authored the paper which several years ago started scientists looking more closely at radiation from power lines.  (And others read into their paper much more than they did.)

.... Stunning beauty.

Hermitage Ruin
History and archeology, too.
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