We want to make this Website one tool in the many efforts toward making "pseudoscience" an anthropological curiosity of the past.  Our Website is itself a web of demonstrations that there really is an "edge of human comprehension."  We have collected many examples of "simple but difficult concepts" and "obvious yet unobserved phenomena" which demonstrate that different people often do see the same thing in radically different ways, differences that often go unrecognized.  These come from years of experiences teaching college-level science and meticulously measuring successes of those efforts.  The frustrating frequent lack of success leads to the realization that the "edge" really is something subtle, something lurking just a bit past our perceptions.  We find that useful learning must expose the edge to human gaze by blowing off just a little of the haze at a time, but that the blowing is almost always deceptively difficult.  On our site, you will discover slightly different views of the same thing in surprising places, different places, unexpected places.   Wander a bit.  New vistas of familiar scenes will appear where you might not expect them.  And watch for science surprises!

But the intended use of the Website is also as a tool to address specific issues of specific discussions, arguments, controversies, etc.  Your problems can possibly find a little illumination here and there in this site.  We will, on occasion, create pages, not linked from these pages, for individual topics, usually for an individual person or small group of persons.  In each of these we suggest certain important points in the ongoing discussion that seem, in our opinion, to be getting persistently overlooked.  Then, links from that page into this Website show where those points fit into the edges of human comprehension.  Many of such pages have subsequently been incorporated into the siteómany through the "What is life" section (Side Door).

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