How did we get here?

Where is this?
What is this?

This is definitely not on the tour of the edges of human comprehension...

This is a look at the world of

At propaganda.
At spin doctoring.
At political campaigning.
At hype.
At persuasion.
At selling that which shouldn't be bought.
At monotonously repeated, intrusive irritation.  (If your browser isn't blinking this, it should be.)


The Swift's Creed*
I am not a gull!

Don't intrude on my privacy and don't interrupt.

If I respond to your rudeness, I am gullible.

Don't surround me with monotonous, "minimalist music" that might hypnotize.

If I am lulled, I am gulled.

Don't blare out monotonous, strident, attempts to hypnotize.

If I go into a trance of suggestibility, it's my gullibility

Don't drown me in alluring irrelevancies.

If I succomb to your glittering generalities, I am gullible.

Don't speak to me in the tone you would use on a brain damaged child.

If I listen to you, I am gullible.

Don't speak to me in the tone of a Marine D.I.

If I attend and obey, I am gullible.

Don't assume there is a "my brand."

If I accept your insinuation of  "brand loyalty," I am gullible.

When I choose to consult unbiased research (C.U.,e.g.), don't brand that source, "enemy," "communist," as you did in the 50's.

If  I accept your rejection of public good, I am gullible.

Don't saturate the scene with silliness.

If I don't respond to you as I might to a brain damaged child,
You know...
I will not be gullible!

*fromGullible's Travails,
by Johnathan Swift Seagull

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