Raw material for constructing your theory of misconceptions

Look  here for those puzzling beliefs that you know are wrong, not because they rub your wishful thinking the wrong way, but because they have a strong dose of obvious absurdity built in.

Look here for those trusted beliefs that you "know" must be right even though the people whom you trust about other, similar matters look at you with suspicious puzzlement when you show your enthusiasm.

Look here for clues to where you and your friends are pushing up against your personal edges of human comprehension.  Look here for clues to help locate those occult dimensions which lay hidden from your view, but that lay right in front of you . . . unseen.

Certain statements give little clues that something wasn't really quite understood.

...simple, but subtle...
...obvious, yet unobserved...
...the edges of (easy) human comprehension..

For the following:
We should like to know:
What are the clues?
What was missed?

How might it affect important decisions?