On handling AOU/ABA name changes

The following species have recently added as a consequence of our changing understanding of taxonomy.

Small-form Canada Goose - split from Large-form and now called CACKLING GOOSE
Common Snipe - now WILSON'S SNIPE
Western-form Winter Wren - split from the Eastern-form and now called PACIFIC WREN

Many of these changes were actually put in place several years ago, but may or may not be reflected in the
species reported on Christmas Counts.  The CBC data entry system does not automatically change the names
on individual counts.  To make the changes to the new names, CBC compilers have to use the "add species"
function on the count report entry page.

Please note that the default setting for added species is to check the "unusual" box.  This, in turn, will automatically
flag the "details required" warning.  If the species being added is not unusual, the compiler can turn the details warning
off by unchecking the "unusual" box on the form.