Wireless Road Sparrow Patches

A = Scary Dog Kack 
   Named for the three legged dog that enjoys chasing
   anyone who slows down.

B = Slough Kack
   This provides a good vantage of the slough (Ruff,
   Pectoral Sandpiper, River Otter).  The willowy
   edges are dependable warbler stops in the spring.

C = Implements of Destruction Kack
   You'll know it when you see it: Virginia Rail,
   warblers, Lincoln's Sparrow and an American 
   Avocet in the north pasture.

D = Schauermann Kack
   Savannah Sparrows, American Pipits, Mandarin
   Duck and Cattle Egret.

E = White Corral Kack
   White-throated Sparrow, Palm Warbler, check the 
   pastures for White-tailed Kite

F = Horse Barn Kack
   The manure pile attracts many kinds of sparrows and
   the south pasture is where the White-faced Ibis were
   in spring of 2000.

G =Teal Kack
   This patch of willows borders the south end of the 
   main slough.  This is another spring migrant spot
   where Lazuli Bunting and Rose-breasted Grosbeak
   have been seen.