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Wayne Hoffman sends these photos taken 5 April 2009 between 12:30 and 1:00 PM
And includes the following comentary:
"I walked the nature trail at Hatfield Marine Science Center, Newport. The highlight was a concentration of at least 300 Mew Gulls, about 80% adults. I spent a while with them and saw a lot of variation. Most had lost the winter head streaking. One had a distinct black tip to the bill, and a second had a more extensive black, but fading to near yellow at the very tip. This bird had several atypical features in addition to the bill color, including a yellowish iris, and much less white than typical in the wingtips. It also seemed a slightly larger than the others, with slightly longer legs. The bill was also longer than average." [emphasis added]

What do you think this is? Comment?  Read what others think.

More shots

This page is dedicated to providing an identification forum for those challenging gulls
that often differ from the pictures in your average field guide.
And if we can't get them identified, at least we can get into some good arguments over them.

Do we really believe they're ugly?  Only in the metaphorical sense.
It's hard to imagine that anyone putting the kind of energy gull watchers put into the art and science of Larid ID
could really believe they're unattractive......

The Ugly Gull Pages are moderated by Mike Patterson who does not claim to be a "Gull Expert."

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