Ugly Gull Page
Posting Policy

Comments regarding ugly gulls are filtered through a moderator.  He (using the
safety of the third person) will be using the following guidelines:

1.  The Ugly Gull pages are intended to be instructive rather than competitive.  As
often as not, the gulls presented have not been "officially" identified.  There is not
necessarily a correct answer and some individuals (by virtue of bad photography
or missing field marks) may not even be definitively identifiable.  As a consequence,
it is hoped that a spirit of constructive commentary will prevail.  The moderator
reserves the right to edit comments or refuse posting of comments which contain
personal attacks or derogatory or disparaging remarks.

2.  The moderator is deeply interested in all opinions on what an individual ugly gull
might be, but will probably only post those comments which include a reasoned
discussion of why that opinion is held.  Posts that contain an opinion as to identity
without other comment and "Me too" responses will be valued, but in the interest of
space, will not be posted.

3.  The moderator reserves the right to edit for clarity.  This will probably be no more
than breaking up bulky discourses into manageable paragraphs, but may also
included correcting for spelling or the occasional insertion of a comma.  The
moderator will also replace any words generally considered vulgar in polite
society with <explicative deleted>.

4.  The moderator is currently tapping into his resource of gull photographs many
of which are of marginal quality.  The moderator has no illusions about his abilities
as a photographer and really does not need to be constantly reminded.  He will be
tickled pink to post the photographs of others and will take *.jpg or *gif files e-mailed
to him and will be happy to scan slides or print negatives mailed to him.  All
photographs remain the property of the sender and will not be used by the
moderator for any purposes other than Ugly Gull commentary.