Yakima Area Arboretum

I have been scattering bird seed, with help from others also, in the Yakima
Area Arboretum and have gotten lots of birds there including a Harris's
Sparrow, a White-throated Sparrow, up to three Fox Sparrows with two being
Slate-colored and one looks to me to be a Sooty.  All of these three species
have been there all of November.

Directions:  take the Nob Hill exit off of I-82 in Yakima; turn east to the
stop light in front of K-Mart; turn north at the light and then quickly to
the left again; drive past the arboretum office and park at the north
parking lot; walk northeast straight past a 40-foot tall bushy pine tree
across the grass to the cottonwoods; take the small dirt road through the
trees; shortly you will come to a bench and some log ends to sit on; the
feeding area is to the north.

Other species:  White-crowned, Golden-crowned and Song Sparrows, Spotted
Towhee, California Quail, Dark-eyed Junco, House Finch, House Sparrow,
Black-capped Chickadee, Black-billed Magpie.  The arboretum also has other
good birds including two Bohemian Waxwings two weeks ago.  The lake to the
north of the arboretum can be viewed from the Greenway trail which can be
located by following trails to the east from the feeding area.  It has had
good waterfowl lately.