Subject: Millicoma Marsh, Coos Co., OR
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 15:57:17 -0800
From: Tim J Rodenkirk <>
To: mpatters@OREDNET.ORG

Millicoma Marsh is a great spot for sparrows and winter passerines. It is
located on the east side of Coos Bay and is controlled by the county I
think. DeLorme isn't detailed enough to get one there. Directions as

Take Highway 101 to the south end of Coos Bay. Just south of the 7-11,
the Coos River road takes off to the east (there is a sign here for
Allegany). The Coos River road immediately crosses a bridge then veers
to the left and goes uphill. At the top of the hill there is a 3-way
intersection- turn left here (this is "D" street). Follow this street two
blocks and turn right on 4th St. Follow this about a block; go right taking
a steep road downhill to a small parking area adjacent to a track and
football field.

From the parking area walk east across the south end of the football field to
a trail. This trail does a loop (in the form of a square) that will bring
you right back to the north end of the football field. There are lots of
blackberries, scattered willows, a small pond, and an open salt marsh area
along the bay that the trail traverses via a dike.

White-tailed Kites are year-round residents here. Black Phoebes are common
in the winter. Red-shouldered hawks are also regular as are other species of
raptors. Sparrows are thick in the winter; this is a good spot for Swamp
Sparrow and who knows what other rare treats. Orange-crown warblers winter
here in some years. Common Yellowthroats have been seen as late as December.
Also, the north dike skirts the bay, and the shorebirding can also be
excellent and there are plenty of ducks in the pond and in the bay. All in
all, this is a tremendous winter birding area.

One note, this is also a favorite spot on weekends to walk dogs and jog.
However, the birding still seems to be quite rewarding!

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