Clatsop County, Oregon

Complied by Mike Patterson

The following is a checklist of birds which have been most regularly seen Clatsop County. It does not include accidentals or extremely rare occurances nor does it include birds under consideration by the Records Committee of Oregon Field Ornithologists. Any birds not occurring on this list that are seen in the county would be of extreme interest and should be reported to the OBRC secretary, P.O. box 10373, Eugene, OR 97440.
Birds are listed in taxonomic order and should follow the same approximate order of most bird field guides. Those species marked with an * are birds known to breed in the county. Relative abundance by season has been designated by the following code.

C = common, difficult to miss on an average day
R = regularly occurring, seen often
U = uncommon, around, but easy to miss
r = rare, on those lucky days...
p = mostly pelagic
m = migrant only

The information provided in this list is based upon input provided by the following individuals: Howard Bruner, Jeff Gilligan, Durrel Kapan, Jan Kapan, Neal Maine, Harry Nehls, Mike Patterson, and Owen Schmidt.

                          Win     Spr     Sum     Fal

RED-THROATED LOON          C       C       U       C

PACIFIC LOON               C       C       U       C

COMMON LOON                C       C       U       C

PIED-BILLED GREBE *        U       U       U       U

HORNED GREBE               U       U               U

RED-NECKED GREBE           U       U               U

EARED GREBE                r       r               r

WESTERN GREBE              C       C       U       C

CLARK'S GREBE              U       U       U       U

SOOTY SHEARWATER                   R       R       C

SHORT-TAILED SHEARWATER    U                       U

BULLER'S SHEARWATER                        Rp

PINK-FOOTED SHEARWATER             Rp      Rp      Rp

BLACK-FOOTED ALBATROSS     Rp      Rp      Rp      Rp

FORK-TAILED STORM-PETREL   rp              Rp

LEACH'S STORM-PETREL                       rp

BROWN PELICAN                              C       C

DOUBLE-CREST CORMORANT *   C       C       C       C

BRANDT'S CORMORANT         R       R       R       R

PELAGIC CORMORANT          C       C       C       C

AMERICAN BITTERN *         U       U       U       U

GREAT BLUE HERON *         C       C       C       C

GREEN HERON                r       R       C       R

COMMON EGRET               U       U       R       R

TUNDRA SWAN                U                       U

TRUMPETER SWAN             U                       U

GR WHITEFRONTED GOOSE      U       U               U

SNOW GOOSE                 U       U               U

BRANT                      R       R               R

CANADA GOOSE *             C       C       C       C

WOODDUCK *                 U       U       U       U

GREEN-WINGED TEAL          C       C       r       C

MALLARD *                  C       C       C       C

NORTHERN PINTAIL           C       C       U       C

BLUE-WINGED TEAL           r       r       r       r

CINNAMON TEAL *            r       C       C       R

NORTHERN SHOVELER          R       R       U       R

GADWALL *                  R       R       R       R

EURASIAN WIGEON            U       U       U       U

AMERICAN WIGEON            C       C               C

CANVASBACK                 C       C               C

REDHEAD                    U       U       U       U

RINGNECKED DUCK            U       U       U       U

GREATER SCAUP              C       C               C

LESSER SCAUP               R       R               R

HARLEQUIN DUCK             U       U       U       U

OLDSQUAW                   U       U               U

BLACK SCOTER               R       R               R

SURF SCOTER                C       C               C

WHITE-WINGED SCOTER        C       C               C

COMMON GOLDENEYE           U       U               U

BUFFLEHEAD                 C       C               U

HOODED MERGANSER           R       R               R

COMMON MERGANSER           C       C               C

RED-BREASTED MERGANSER     R       R               R

RUDDY DUCK                 R       R               R

TURKEY VULTURE                     R       R

OSPREY *                           C       C

BLACK-SHOULDERED KITE      U       U       U       U

BALD EAGLE *               C       C       C       C

NORTHERN HARRIER *         C       C       C       C

SHARP-SHINNED HAWK         R       R       R       R

COOPER'S HAWK              R       R       R       R

RED-TAILED HAWK *          C       C       R       C

ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK          R       R               R

AMERICAN KESTREL           U       U       U       U

MERLIN                     R       R               R

PEREGRIN FALCON            R       R               R

GYRFALCON                  r                       r

RING-NECKED PHEASANT *     R       R       R       R

RUFFED GROUSE *            R       R       R       R

BLUE GROUSE                R       R       R       R

MOUNTAIN QUAIL             U       U       U       U

CALIFORNIA QUAIL           r       r       r       r

VIRGINIA RAIL *            U       U       U       U

SORA                       r       R       R       r

AMERICAN COOT              C       C       U       C

BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER       r       R               C

AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER     r       r               C

PACIFIC GOLDEN PLOVER      r       r               C

SEMI-PALMATED PLOVER       U       U       U       C

KILLDEER *                 R       R       R       R

AM BLACK OYSTERCATCHER     U       U       U       U

GREATER YELLOWLEGS         U       C       r       C

LESSER YELLOWLEGS                  C       C       R

WANDERING TATTLER                  R       C       C

SPOTTED SANDPIPER          U       U               U

WHIMBREL                   r       C       C       C

LONG-BILLED CURLEW                 Um              Um

MARBLED GODWIT             r       U               U

RUDDY TURNSTONE            r               U       C

BLACK TURNSTONE            R       R       C       C

SURFBIRD                   R       R               R

RED KNOT                                           U

SANDERLING                 C       C               C

SEMI-PALMATED SANDPIPER            r               U

WESTERN SANDPIPER          U       C       C       C

LEAST SANDPIPER            U       C       C       C

BAIRD'S SANDPIPER                  U               C

PECTORAL SANDPIPER                 U               C

SHARP-TAILED SANDPIPER                             r

ROCK SANDPIPER             r       r               U

DUNLIN                     C       C               C

STILT SANDPIPER                            r       U

BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPER                            U

SHORT-BILLED DOWITCHER             U       C       C

LONG-BILLED DOWITCHER      U       C       C       C

COMMON SNIPE               R       R       R       R

WILSON'S PHALAROPE                 r               r

RED-NECKED PHALAROPE               R               R

RED PHALAROPE              U                       U

POMARINE JAEGER                            U

PARASITIC JAEGER                           C       C

LONG-TAILED JAEGER                         r

BONAPARTE'S GULL           U       U       U       R

HEERMAN'S GULL                     R       C       C

MEW GULL                   R       R               R

RING-BILLED GULL           R       R       R       R

CALIFORNIA GULL                            R       R

HERRING GULL               R       R               R

THAYER'S GULL              U       U               U

GLAUCOUS GULL              U       U               U

WESTERN GULL               C       C       C       C

GLAUCOUS-WINGED GUL        C       C       C       C

BLACK-LEGGED KITTIWAKE     U       C       U       C

CASPIAN TERN                       R       C       C

COMMON TERN                        r               U

COMMON MURRE               C       C       C       C

PIGEON GUILLEMOT           U       C       C       C

MARBLED MURRELET           r       r       U       U

ANCIENT MURRELET           r       r       r       r

CASSIN'S AUKLET            r       r               U

RHINOCERUS AUKLET          r       r       U       U

TUFTED PUFFIN              r       R       C       R

ROCK DOVE                  R       R       R       R

BAND-TAILED PIGEON *       r       R       R       R

COMMON BARN OWL            U       U       U       U

WESTERN SCREECH OWL *      U       U       U       U

GREAT HORN OWL *           R       R       R       R

SNOWY OWL                  r                       r

NORTHERN PYGMY OWL         U       U       U       U

SHORT-EARED OWL            U       U       U       U

VAUX'S SWIFT                       C       C       U

ANNA'S HUMMINGBIRD *       U       U       U       U

RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD *               C       C

BELTED KINGFISHER          C       C       U       C

RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKER *   R       R       R       R

DOWNY WOODPECKER *         C       C       C       C

HAIRY WOODPECKER *         R       R       R       R

NORTHERN FLICKER *         C       C       C       C

PILIATED WOODPECKER *      U       U       U       U

OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER             U       U

WESTERN WOOD PEWEE                 U       U

WILLOW FLYCATCHER *                C       C       r

PACIFIC-SLOPE FLYCATCHER *         C       C       U

WESTERN KINGBIRD                   U               U

HORNED LARK *              U       U       C       U

PURPLE MARTIN                      U       U

TREE SWALLOW *                     C       C

VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOW *             C       C

BARN SWALLOW *                     C       C       U

CLIFF SWALLOW *                    R       R

N ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOW *           R       R

STELLER'S JAY *            C       C       C       C

GRAY JAY                   U       U       U       U

AMERICAN CROW *            C       C       C       C

COMMON RAVEN               R       R       R       R

BLACK-CAPPED CHICKADEE *   C       C       C       C

CHSTNUTBACK CHICKADEE *    R       R       R       R

BUSHTIT *                  C       C       C       C

RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH *    R       R       R       R

BROWN CREEPER *            R       R       R       R

BEWICK'S WREN *            C       C       C       C

WINTER WREN *              C       C       C       C

MARSH WREN *               C       C       C       C

ROCK WREN                                  r
GOLDEN-CROWN KINGLET *     C       C       C       C

RUBY-CROWN KINGLET *       C       C       R       C

SWAINSON'S THRUSH *                C       C

HERMIT THRUSH              C                       C

AMERICAN ROBIN*            C       C       C       C

VARIED THRUSH              R                       R

WESTERN BLUEBIRD                   U       U
WRENTIT *                  R       R       R       R

AMERICAN PIPIT             U       R               R

CEDAR WAXWING *            U       U       C       C

NORTHERN SHRIKE            R                       R

STARLING *                 C       C       C       C

HUTTON'S VIREO *           R       R       R       R

WARBLING VIREO *                   R       R

ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER *           C       C       C

YELLOW WARBLER *                   R       R

YELLOW-RUMPED WARBER       R       R               R

BLK-THR-GRAY WARBLER *             C       C

TOWNSEND'S WARBLER         C                       C

NORTHERN PALM WARBLER      r       U               U

MACGILLIVARY'S WARBLER *           U       U

COMMON YELLOWTHROAT *      r       C       C       C

WILSON'S WARBLER *                 C       C

WESTERN TANAGER *                  R       R

BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAK *            C       C

RUFOUS-SIDED TOWHEE        R                       R

VESPER SPARROW                     r               r

SAVANNAH SPARROW *         U       C       C       C

FOX SPARROW                C       C               C

SONG SPARROW *             C       C       C       C

LINCOLN'S SPARROW          U       U               U

GOLDEN-CROWNED SPARROW     R       R               R

WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW *    U       C       C       C

DARK-EYED JUNCO *          C       C       C       C

LAPLAND LONGSPUR           U       U               C

SNOW BUNTING               r                       U

RED-WINGED BLKBIRD *       R       R       R       R

WESTERN MEADOWLARK         R                       R

BREWER'S BLACKBIRD *       R       R       R       R

BROWN-HEADED COWBIRD *     U       C       C       U

NORTHERN ORIOLE                    U               U

PURPLE FINCH *             R       R       R       R

HOUSE FINCH *              R       R       R       R

RED CROSSBILL *            R       R       R       R

PINE SISKIN *              C       C       C       C

AM GOLDFINCH *             U       C       C       U

EVENING GROSBEAK *         C       U       U       C

HOUSE SPARROW              R       R       R       R

Mike Patterson