Michelle Friendly Waffles


Combine all dry ingredients in a large bowl.  Add oil and water.  Stir until smooth and light.  In a small bowl whip whipping cream until stiff.  Fold into batter mixture.  Cook in hot, well oiled waffle iron until golden brown (makes 7 squares).

Waffles freeze for later toasting well.

Whip cream may be replaced by a whipped mixture 2tsp egg replacer and 2tbsp water, bringing the total protein per waffle down to .24g, but the waffles will be a bit heavier and less rich tasting.  I have also experimented with non-dairy whipped topping, but it doesn't really work the same.

                                calories     protein
wheat starch            2cups      865         0.67
metamucil               2tsp         3         0
honey                   1.5tbsp     68         0
baking powder           3tsp         0         0
baking soda             0.5tsp       0         0
salt                    0.5tsp       0         0
rice milk powder        2tbsp      120         1.0
cooking oil             0.25cups   485         0
water                   1.5cups      0         0
whipping cream          0.25cups   210         1.25
per batch                         1750         2.92
per serving (1 waffle)             250         0.4