Michelle Friendly Quiche

Sauté onions until soft, add broccoli and cook until broccoli wilts.  Place in
baking cup that has been lined with potato lefsa.  In a bowl, mix non-dairy
creamer, egg replacer, salt and pepper.  Mix briskly with whip or egg beater
until smooth, but not too stiff.  Pour over onions and broccoli.  Top with
VeganRella and bake at 375°F for 15 minutes.

A wheat starch pastry shell can be used in place of the lefsa, but you'd have
to make that... lefsa's quicker.

non-dairy creamer 1/3 cup 0.33 80
vegan rella 14g 0.5 40
egg replacer  2tsp 0 0
onion 2tbsp 0.1 10
broccoli  2tbsp 0.1 4
salt 0 0
pepper 0 0
lefsa 0.5 80
1.53 214