Instructions for Program Submissions

As in all programs you write, you must use meaningful identifier names, and the code must be well commented and consistently formatted according to the style guide. Your functions must have appropriate declarations and the header comments must explain the purpose of the function, and describe any inputs and/or outputs. Use of global variables should be kept to a minimum, and their use must be justified.

All assignments must be submitted in the following way.

(From the syllabus)

Homework is due at the beginning of class. The paper copy is due in class and any e-mailed portion is due before the time class begins. Late assignments will not be accepted. It is better to hand in an incomplete assignment than none, since partial credit will be liberally given. If either the hard copy or email copy is not turned in, the assignment is considered late. Repeat: No late assignments will be accepted. 25% percent of the grade on a homework assignment is based on programming style, comments, clarity, and documentation. This means that even if you turn in a program that runs perfectly, you can expect a grade no higher than a C if you fail to adhere to good programming standards. Remember, partial credit will be awarded for incomplete assignments.

When you email your assignment, the subject line must indicate the class and assignment number. I don't want to accidentally file it with other mail because I didn't know it was a programming lab assignment for this class. You can email it easier from UNIX with the following command:

mail -s "subject" user@computer < filename

For example, to mail the third assignment, you would do this:

mail -s "CS161 - Lab #3" < program3.cpp

If you are using a mail system other than this one on UNIX, you will have to figure out how to send me your file. The subject line must be as above and the program code must be in the body of the message (NO attachments.) It won't be accepted otherwise.

If you mail more than one version of your program, only the latest version will be retained. The previous version will be discarded. You shouldn't make a habit of submitting more than one. Make sure the one you submit is the one you want graded.

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