I write software for a living. Every so often, I write some stuff on my own time. Please feel free to check these out. NOTE: Due to bandwidth constraints on this account, I am not providing the actual files here. See each description for how to go about getting them. You can also email me , and I can send you a copy.


BSWHelper is a small application to help non-German speakers deal with the online gaming site Brettspielwelt. It uses the relatively new WebServices technology, (SOAP), to get translations from AltaVista's BabelFish translator. It's small enough to sit next to the main BSW window and can be set up to automatically translate anything you cut to the clipboard. So you can grab a bunch of German from the "chat pane", hit Ctrl-C, and poof, you get a translation to English. It can also translate from English to German, (with Babelfish's inimitable style), which can make communicating with non-English speaking German players a bit easier as well. BSWHelper can be found in the Files section of the Yahoo Groups Spielfrieks group.

The Game Logger

This is a little application that allows for the easy creation of a game log. You can record information about the games you play, and it will then present nifty reports and calculations showing you what a game god you are. It allows for the outputting of either text or HTML reports, generates session reports, 5 and 10 lists, and monthly games played reports. You can get it by joining the Yahoo group at: and looking in the files area.