Braille with Pokadot
Braille with Pokadot
Check it with BrlProof

Pokadot is free software for transcribing and embossing braille files. Six-key or one-key direct keyboard input is used by sighted braille transcribers (not the blind). Previous versions work under all versions of DOS and Windows 95, 98, Me, and original issues of 2000 and XP. However, new methods of using Pokadot are needed to work under Windows Vista and versions of 2000 and XP issued or updated by Microsoft after late 2006. We will refer to these "updates" as "Vista-like" and the older versions as "pre-Vista".

A new version of Pokadot named POK84DUO (dual mode) has been designed to work in the conventional Windows mode for pre-Vista computers and in a special DOS mode for Vista and Vista-like computers which is entered from the computer's built-in boot menu. For the few new computers that do not have a a built-in boot menu a downloadable image of a boot CD is provided at the page listed below. Please read the UPDATE page listed below for more information.

BrlProof is free software that will back-translate braille files into regular text which can be used to check that the braille was properly transcribed. It works under Windows95 or later. To run BrlProof under Windows 95 and/or 98 you will have to install a free Microsoft program named MSVBVM60.DLL which can be downloaded at the page listed below.

POK84DUO contains both POKADOT and BRLPROOF. It can be downloaded at the page listed below.

Download page for POK84DUO ------------------- POK84DUO
Download page for DOS98BOOTCD --------------------------------- DOS98BOOTCD
Download page for MSVBVM60.DLL-------------- MSVBVM
Keyboards for six-key input braille ---------------------------------- KEYBOARDS
Recent changes in POK84DUO ------------------- UPDATE