"Adding a PA was without a doubt the best thing I have done for my practice in the past 12 years." (Barry Leshin, MD, AAD Symposium, 3/98, Orlando, FL).

    "...have two words of advice for colleagues...physician assistants"  ..."best kept secret in dermatology" - "has increased patient base by 50%" (Jay Herbst, MD, Port Charlotte, FL, Skin & Allergy News, 9/99)


  1.  Referral list—dermatologists who have PA-C’s(Physician Assistant-Certified), with phone nos.
  2.  How Are They Trained?
  3.  Benefits to Your Practice
  4.  What Does a "Dermatology Physician Assistant" do?
  5.  Your State Laws  - get a copy *
  6.  Your Regulating Authority (in most states, YOUR Board of Medical Examiners also regulates Physician Assistants)
  7.  Will I have to train him/her?  What Do They Already Know?
       a.  Physician Assistant Education
       b.  CME available in derm for PAs/required CME for PAs
       c.  surgical residency
       d.  dermatology residency programs
       e.  prescribing authorities
  8.  Salaries/ Bonus Structure
  9.  Is there a Physician Assistant website?
 10.  What about patient satisfaction?

B.  FINDING / HIRING THE Physician Assistant

1.  FREE RESUMES available by fax – not screened-you contact the PAs directly.
2.  Where to Advertise - websites/ AAPA News/ PA Journals
3.  List of PA Programs if Hiring a New Graduate
5.  List of PA State Societies who advertise free
4.  The Employment Contract - samples
5.  Contract Checklist
6.  Are Protocols Required in my state?
7.  Salaries/Bonus structures
8.  May I supervise more than one PA?


1.  Brochure titled, "Introducing the New PA to Your Referral Base, Patients, and Community"
2.  How to Integrate the PA Successfully into the Derm Practice
3.  Newspaper announcement
4.  Introduction to local Pharmacists
5.  Introduction to staff---the PAs education and skills
6.  Door Signs/photo on website
7.  Training
     a. Derm CME & Self Study
     b. Immediate reimbursement during training period.


1.  Medicare
2.  Coding
3.  INGA ELLZEY Coding seminars - proper coding and reimbursement for a PA is important to the practice.  (I am not affiliated with Ellzey)
4.  PA Malpractice insurance.

Ask me for answers to any of the questions/items above.

NINE SOURCES will help you find answers and actually help you LOCATE a PA seeking a position in dermatology in your state.  Most questions can be answered at this website.

I am NOT affiliated with any sources or sites I recommend.  I maintain resumes' (created for potential dermatologist employers) of Physician Assistants seeking dermatology jobs; as well as a large list of dermatologists wanting to hire a PA.  I have talked to >2,000 dermatologists, answering their questions about hiring a Physician Assistant and helping locate many PAs for derm practices. All my services and handouts are FREE to both PAs and dermatologists. I am no longer affiliated with the Society of Dermatology PAs, an organization I co-founded with Joe Monroe in 1993; I do not speak on behalf of SDPA.

Mary Monroe
Phone: 918 523 1992
Address: 6218 W. 78th Pl,   Tulsa, OK  74136

     (1)  FREE PA RESUMES:  E-mail me if you wish to receive PA resumes by fax, which include the PAs' contact info.  I file them by state.  I will also give your contact info to PAs seeking a job in derm in your state.  About 5 PAs per day ask me for my job list.  I am not a professional recruiter, and charge no fees to dermatologists or to PAs, though a donation for my long distance fax costs would help. These special-designed SHORT resumes specifically list derm training and experience.  I will add you to my dermatology job list.

     (2) WEBSITE:   Go back to the HOME PAGE to look elsewhere in this website for magazine articles about dermatology Pas and a Derm PA Salary Survey Analysis.  This website is NON PROFIT and privately funded by myself.  Without fees to PAs or dermatologists, I privately assist dermatologists in hiring PAs, and assist PAs in finding positions with dermatologists.  I find it a fun, very rewarding hobby;  I have been doing this for 11 years.

     (3) REFERRAL LIST:  E-mail me at   to ask for a list of 40+ dermatologists who will personally answer your questions about hiring and working with PAs.  What better source of information !

     (4) AAPA:  The American Academy of Physician Assistants website answers general questions about PAs and prescribing authorities:

  • What PAs do in general:
  • How PAs are Educated:
  • Facts About PAs:
  • Data & Statistics:
  • List of PA programs by state:
  • AAPA e-mail & home page:
  • AAPA Phone: 703 836 2272

     (5) FAX:  Helpful handouts are available through AAPA's FAST FAX line, 1-800-286-2272 or 703 336 5550.   Ask for:

  • Third Party Reimbursement for PAs,  #210
  • A List of State Regulatory Authorities, document #220 (usually, the same Board of Medical Examiners regulating MDs/DOs also regulates PAs).
  • PAs and PROTOCOLS, #252
  • New Graduate PA Practice before NCCPA Certification, document #240.
  • Anatomy of a Contract, document #331
  • Pre-Employment Checklist, document #332.

     (6) FREE E-MAIL HANDOUTS: You may obtain these free items from me by e-mail also:

  • Brochure titled, "Introducing the New PA to Your Referral Base, Patients, and Community"
  • Sample derm PA contracts--formal and informal
  • Restrictive Covenant Clause in Contracts with PAs
  • Derm PA Salary Survey Analysis
  • How to Successfully Integrate the PA into the Derm Practice.
  • Handout:  "How to Get Better at Dermatology"--reading suggestions for the new PA employee to study on their own.  This is sent free to the PA after you hire him/her and if he/she is a new PA graduate.  It includes info on derm residency PA programs/Master's programs (derm).
  • Handouts:  "What Does a Derm PA Do?"  or  "Why We Love Derm So!"

     (7)  INSURANCE:  Phone AAPA in Alexandria, VA, or e-mail them at, for questions about reimbursement.  The AAPA’s reimbursement website is: For questions about PA private insurance reimbursement issues, contact Chad Givens,, 703 836 2272, ext. 3218. For questions about MEDICARE reimbursement issues, contact Fauzea Hussein, FAUZEA@AAPA.ORG, 703 836 2272, Ext. 3219.

     (8)  CODING:  For reimbursement coding training for your office staff, I know of PAs who recommend contacting Inga Ellzey at e-mail:; phone 888-434-4374; FAX 407-678-5751; Website:  Those who took her course highly recommend it--proper coding for a derm PA is essential.  (I am not affiliated with Ellzey).

     Your job "ad" on my job list is FREE.  Many PAs ask me for it every day.  I am very careful to distribute it only to verified PAs or verified PA students. I also have access to a PA audience of about 1,000 (an online Forum) where I post ONLY the CITIES in which derm jobs exist.  I also post just the CITIES on my website.  This is to protect you.  I never give out your info to a professional recruiter or a non-PA.

       If you wish to reach a larger audience, consider engaging PAID advertising.  If so, I recommend AAPA News.  I am not affiliated with AAPA News.

AAPA NEWS     (circulation >30,000 PAs every 2 weeks)
Phone 1-800 237 9851
FAX 727 445 9380
Web site:
“How to Place an AD” – phone 1-800 286 2272 and ask for document #120 and #331.

      To advertise your job (fee charged) at a site accessed only by PAs, go to:  To post your job (no fees) at a site accessed ONLY by PAs, contact Rose at:

     (10)  STATE PA CHAPTERS:  Advertise with the PA Chapter in YOUR state for free or for a very nominal cost.  To have a list of the state chapters faxed to you, including phone numbers, CALL THE AAPA's FAST FAX SYSTEM AT 1-800 286 2272  AND REQUEST document #100, Constituent Chapter Addresses; or e-Mail:

     (11)  PA PROGRAMS:  Contact an accredited Physician Assistant program in your state if you want a new graduate who, typically, just spent 24 to 27 continuous months learning primary care in the medical-school model.  Incidentally, if you wish to precept a PA student, let them know that also.  There are presently >130 programs in the United States.  FAST FAX, 800 286 2272, Document #111: List of Accredited PA Programs, or, again, phone AAPA at 703/836-2272 or visit their website at:

    (12)  STATE LAWS:  For a summary of state laws, phone AAPA's FAST FAX line,
1-800-286-2272 or 703 336 5550.  Ask for document #230.  In most states, your own Board of Medical Examiners also regulates practice of Certified Physician Assistants.


     Scenario:  The PA sees 30 patients, 10 are same-day appointments, performs 1-2 hours of minor surgeries, sees two pharmaceutical reps and covers 5 patient phone calls for refills. The dermatologist & staff get an hour for lunch instead of 15 minutes, & the dermatologist and staff arrive home an hour earlier than usual.  Patients' waiting time to get an appointment, as well as their waiting time IN the waiting room, is shorter so patients are happier.  The REFERRING PHYSICIAN is happy to learn his/her patient got their problem resolved so quickly!  The dermatologist's family is happy, the practice income increases, the physician's hours decrease, phone calls get answered timely, lunch hours lengthen & there is less stress.


     Will you have to train a PA?  With only about 1000 dermatology PAs in the whole U.S., as of the end of 2003, it is likely; but, good news: you can train them the way YOU want them trained.  Most PAs already know how to suture and biopsy.  Many PA students have done a 1-3-month dermatology rotation, being trained by a dermatologist, thus having the ability to produce billings/income immediately.  After only 2 weeks training with you, a PA should be able to start seeing patients for acne, cryotherapy, skin tags, warts, do wound closures, suture removals, & biopsies.  Minor surgical skills are important in a derm practice.  Many PAs have completed a 1-year surgical residency after a 2-yr PA program (24-27 continuous months) which was, for most graduates, preceded by a 4-year BS degree.  That's 7 years of upper-level education.  The nature of the education is very similar to that for medical degree students.  Other  PAs have been in family practice for years, and saw all kinds of minor derm problems there.  Some PAs have derm experience from the military, or, lastly, have been employed by a dermatologist in the past and need to make a move.  Some PAs have had laser, MOHS, or cosmetic training by a dermatologist employer.
      IMPORTANT:  As with all physician assistants, dermatology PAs are legally and ethically bound to diagnose and treat dermatologic conditions ONLY under their supervising physician, never in competition with them.  Unlike INdependant mid-level practitioners, PAs can NEVER open a practice in your community, taking away your patients.  PAs have no desire to become independent medical providers and will always work as a team with their supervising docs.


    There currently exists a derm PA residency program in Kirksville, MO, and one at Univ. of Texas SW in Dallas; and a Masters Degree in Physician Assistant Studies With Concentration in Dermatology from Univ. of Nebraska and, soon, from  Nova SE University in Florida.


    Lawsuits against PAs are statistically few and malpractice rates are, thus, low.  Some dermatologists merely attach a rider to their own malpractice insurance for their PAs.   New (12/03) Malpractice Protection For Physician Assistants -   (I am not affiliated with CMF.)


    Ask for a free handout for information on derm PA salary surveys I have conducted in the past.


    Click on this link for tips on integrating a PA into your derm practice.

Mary Monroe
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     * I was previously Job Recruitment Chairman & Exec Sec'y for the derm PA society for 9 years.  I am no longer affiliated with the SDPA, an organization I and Joe Monroe co-founded in 1993; I do not speak on behalf of SDPA.  I enjoy a very rewarding, SOLO hobby of helping PAs find derm jobs, and helping dermatologists hire a PA, FREE.  I have personally talked to ~3000 dermatologists, answering questions & helping many find a PA.


Mary Monroe
Phone: 918 523 1992
Address: 6218 W. 78th Pl,   Tulsa, OK  74136