Isa Muhammad's PALEMAN

Though the "true story" of how the White Race came to be can be found in many of Isa Muhammad's books, THE PALEMAN is devoted exclusively to this topic.

Isa is very careful to point out that the Nation of Islam's version of the "white devil" story is incorrect. "One of the greatest misinterpretations of the lessons is in the origin of the pale race, who was called Yaquwb's grafted Devil by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (1897-1973 A.D.). I would like to clear up this myth once and for all so that you can no longer be looked at as ignorant for propagating this fanciful story." Now, Isa's version, which begins with a story from the Old Testament:

In the beginning ... everybody was Black, or rather, Nubian. Until one day Noah accidentally got drunk on the wine from his vineyards, undressed and retired to his tent, naked. His son Ham walked by, in a rather weak state, after an argument with his wife. The Devil then took the opportunity to possess Ham's body, so that Ham would mock Noah's nakedness, and then look at him with the thought of sodomy. Sodomy, even the thought of Sodomy was a sin, so Allah cursed Ham's yet-to-be-born fourth son Canaan. This curse on Canaan was the curse of Leprosy. Isa continues:

Because Canaan was an albino, he lacked the normal eye coloring which caused his eyes to weaken and become sensitive to direct and indirect sunlight. So Canaan ... sought refuge in the mountains where the light was dim. The cold climate of the mountains was also conducive to [his] leprous condition because it stopped the leprosy from spreading. Canaan's descendents were the original cavemen.

When they fled to the mountains, Canaan and his wife began reproducing and remained there for 309 years, with their progeny... After that time, ALLAH sent the Prophet Abraham to clean them up. This is why the so-called Jews (cursed Jebusites of Canaan) called the Prophet Abraham their father.

Many inscriptions have been found in the caves of Europe. At the time of the Exodus of the Israelites, these people inhabited the land of Canaan. Before this, several hundred years had passed during which time the families of the Amorites had experienced several states of advancement to the point where they could be considered civilized. They had to be raised from the degenerate, diseased state that they were in, in the mountains and caves. In time, they descended to the level of animals, eating raw carcasses, walking on all fours and mingling freely with the animals, mainly dog-like animals.

Once the salts in their bodies reached a dangerous low, they lost their ability to reproduce. It was at this point that the lepers went down from the mountains, kidnapped and raped clean Nubian women. The mixture produced an offspring with black skin and straight, black hair. ...

The lepers that did not mix (predominately the women) were pushed further back up the mountains and fell so low as to mate with the dog-like animals. The result of this mixture were ape-like animals. They had sexual intercourse with the jackal (the original dog) and through this intercourse the offspring that was brought forth was an ape-like man. They loved the dog so much that they turned his name around to worship it, DOG = GOD. The phrase "A Dog is Man's Best Friend," came out of this situation. The dog would like the festered sores of the leper and clean the sores for them.

Furthermore, the Paleman, though not the Nubian, is descended from Apes:

Today, the Paleman would admit proudly, in firm agreement with Darwin's 'Theory of Evolution' that man, meaning himself, mankind, emerged by a process called evolution from the ape when in reality, the ape is an alien. Correctly, if he was to go back in time a couple of thousand years, he would indeed encounter these ape-like animals that are partly responsible for his emergence as far as race.
If you're Asian or Native American, don't think you're off the hook. Your race is the result of another of Allah's curses, the "Curse of Esau."
The dragon represents the Edomites, the people of the "rising sun," the curse placed on Esau (father of the Edomites) can be seen through their slanted eyes. When ALLAH places a curse on someone (the Edomite race), it appears in the genes of man. ...

One clear example of the curse placed on Esau by ALLAH is the disease known as "Mongolism" (Down Syndrome). Now ask yourself why it is that any mongoloid or retarded child born to any race always has the same appearance, they look Asian. They are always born with slanted eyes, broad heads, large tongues, no matter what race their parents are from. How can this be possible? The answer is very simple. As we previously stated, when ALLAH places a curse on people, HE places the curse in their genes.

The Paleman tells you right in his books that the Mongoloid people are inflicted with Down's Syndrome! He (the Paleman) tells you how this disease is caused by the mixing of different races. Esau brought this new race by mixing his seed with various tribes of the house of Canaan (who had a curse upon him). ....

The Paleman is inferior and evil, and perhaps, the "Edomites" are merely inferior. But, the Jews and the Jesuits are worst of all. Isa identifies the Jews as the cursed "Jebusites," and "Khazars" that the Neo-Nazis are always talking about. The Jews are responsible for everything from Christianity to the Bolshevik Revolution. The Jesuits, on the other hand, are responsible for both world wars, and wrote Mein Kampf for Hitler.

But the worldwide conspiracy involves not only the Jews, the Jesuits, the Media, the International Bankers, the Pope, the Zionists, Communists and Socialists, but also Geraldo Rivera!

Many of you do not know, there are Jews in the entertainment world who are disguising themselves as being other than Jews. For example; the well-known newscaster Geraldo Rivera is in reality a Jew (Jebusite). Recently, his Jewish identity was revealed to the public in a popular magazine. He had a six-pointed star tattooed on his left hand when he was a child and is now being denied the right to be buried in a Jewish cemetery ground. According to the Jewish faith, tattoos are forbidden.

Yet, he did not think of this as he passed himself off as an Hispanic. I have been telling you he was a Jew for years. Geraldo Rivera is his stage name, his real name is Jerry Rivers. ...

Isa delivers the big news that movie stars such as Tony Curtis, Woody Allen and Shelley Winters are Jewish, listed alongside Pope John Paul II as hiding their true identities.

© 1995, Donna Kossy