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"Finally! A zine dedicated to reviewing books (remember those things?) in depth! ... all-star lineup of zinesters and writers ... superb first issue ... Nicely produced, with plenty of cover reprints, and top-notch writing from beginning to end - I can't wait for the next issue!" - Amusing Yourself to Death

"This is a great mag, well-organized, seamlessly written, and edited with flair. We dashed through it cover to cover, alternately laughing and marveling at it all along." - EYE

"[The] quality of writing [is] frankly some of the very best in magazine publishing, period. ... [Issue 2] is almost perfect, and one of the few absolute life-giving essentials in the crowded world of alternative publishing." - EYE

Issue #1 - 28 pages - SOLD OUT

Confessions of a Cheap Book Fiend; The Island of Misfit Books; My Life in the "Secret Museum"; reviews of pulps, strange health manuals, and bathroom books; and more. All written by latter-day devotees of the printed page.

Issue #2 - 36 pages - $8

John Marr on Teen Blood Lust; Dan Kelly reviews Youth Studies Alcohol; "Stupidity On Parade" by Donna Kossy


More from Chip Rowe's bookshelf; Creation's Doom; The Spawn of Psychopathia Sexualis; Bookshop Heaven and Hell; Courtney Brown's Breakthrough; A Strange Manuscript and much more.

Issue #3 - 32 pages - $7

The Story of the Ultimate Weird Book Caper
Reviews of unique, self-published wonders
by Donna Kossy, John Marr, Dan Howland, Chip Rowe, Greg Bishop and others
Art by Ken DeVries
In-depth coverage of the weird world of books that you won't find anywhere else!

Issue #4 - 32 pages - $7

The War on Bad Drug Books by David C. Morrison
The Worst Science Fiction Novel Ever Written???
Father Dan Kelly presents: Savory White Slavery
Lurid Pamphlets in Merrie Olde England by Rob Tucker
Excerpts from the writings of Dr. T. Dewitt Talmadge
T.L. Shaw's War on Art Critics by Brian Tucker
Baa Baa Blackschleger! by Donna Kossy
John Marr on bizarre crime novelist Harry Stephen Keeler
Greg Bisop on flying saucer contactee George Adamski

Issue #5 - 32 pages - $7

"Rebellious Wives and Slacker Husbands"
Ken DeVries is Comic Book Happy!
Gary Lovisi Falls into the 'SIN PIT'
Donna Kossy on Crucified Gods Galore!
"Chastisement Across the Ages"
Chris Mikul's Notes on a Handbook on Hanging
Ride Theorist Dan Howland on Weird Disney Books
Greg Bishop on Contactee Howard Menger
Lyell Henry on the Career Option of Electroplating Baby Shoes

Issue #6 - 32 pages - $7

An Exciting Novel of Chiropractic
Ray X Wants to Buy a Glory Meter
Chris Mikul on Bad Bad Bad Poets
"Chastisement Across the Ages"
Robert Tucker's Health Books for Hillbillies
Enrico Sist on Italian Super-Kook Peneroni's Neverending and Plane Earth
Ken DeVries Thrills to read books Published in Portland

Issue #7 (limited quantity) - 40 pages - $12

The Trance Pushers
Alarm!!! There's a Battle in Your Mouth!
Reptiles, Pedophiles,... and Dick Cheney?
Donna Kossy on "Psycho" Politics
Robert Tucker looks for "The Wickedest City in the World"
Ken DeVries keeps bumping into "That Guy"
The Magnetic World of Webster Edgerly


KOOKS Magazine

The legendary and groundbreaking precursor to the book of the same name. Each issue (except No. 1, which is 5-1/2 x 8-1/2, xeroxed) is 8-1/2 x 11, offset printed, 20-40 pp., and heavily illustrated.

No. 1 - Boston's Mystery Writer; AIDS and the Washington Monument; Television and Satan. (sold out)

No. 2 - Seven Wonders of Kookdom; Donna Kossy's First Kook; Christian Technocracy; Devil's Alphabet; Reviews.

No. 3 - Eclectoplasm From Space; Archive of Useless Research; Mr. Science vs. the Jesii; Historical Kookdom.

No. 4 - Close Encounters of the Disturbed Kind; Nenslo's First Kook; End-of-the-World Bibliography; More from the Archive of Useless Research; Reviews. (sold out)

No. 5 - Attack of the Unidentified Flying Amoeboids; Reviews; Kooks Behind Bars; Anti-Rock Fanatics; Twin Mystery Writers; KOOKARAMA. (limited quantity)

No. 6 - California Saucer Saints; The Anglo-Israelites; Reviews; Paul Laffoley: 3rd Generation Lunatic Fringe; KOOKARAMA; Is JFK Alive?; Kooks Behind Bars - Part II.

No. 7 - Twisted Scripture; Aggressive Christianity; KOOKARAMA; Kooks Behind Bars - Part III; World Class Kooks: Reich and Pound; Bob Larson Anti-Satan Crusade; Men Can Have Babies; Reviews.

No. 8 - Black Messiahs; The Psychological Railway; KOOKARAMA; Kooks Behind Bars - Part IV; Psychoosmology and "DUFT"; Reviews; Modern Day Trepanning; Journey to NEOTOPIA; Happy Science.

Single Issues: $10

SPECIAL!! Nos. 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 for just $40


Material prepared for the book Kooks, but cut due to space limitations.
8-1/2 x 11, 36 pp. -- $8

AM I INSANE? by Dan Scott Ashwander

In this kook tour-de-force, Ashwander wonders whether JFK really said "we have control of the mind," explains the purpose of his "cosmic mind," and tells of his adventures battling the likes of the Evil Eternals, Hitler, Mussolini and Albert Einstein. Makes a great gift!
5-1/2 x 8-1/2, 40 pp. -- $10

False Positive Magazine

Begun in 1984, the "Kooks Pages" within each issue and the special all-kooks issues of False Positive started Kossy's career as a crackpotologist. Each issue sports a beautiful color xerox cover. (No.10 also has a color xerox back cover). Issues No. 1-6 are out of print, but a limited quantity of the final issues are still available.

No. 7 - Generic - $8
No. 8 - Kooks II - $10
No. 9 - Youth - $8
No. 10 - Cars - $8
No. 11 - LAST - $8

SPECIAL!! All five for just $25

Full Color Postcards

One dollar each

1. "I Own 30 Million TV Sets"

2. "No Job Worries on a UFO"