"Let's thank GOD for LAWSONOMY." -- Alfred Lawson

The general volume on Lawsonomy, entitled appropriately enough, LAWSONOMY, begins with the principles of LIFE and SPACE and ends with Lawson's career in aviation. In between we find chapters on Earth, Power, Zig-Zag-And-Swirl, Vibration, Swirlation, Rest, Nourishment and Law, to name a few. (Other volumes, such as CREATION and MANLIFE cover the same material, though each one has a slightly different focus.)

On first glance all this new terminology looks like so much camouflage for ignorance. But on closer inspection, we find an internally consistent system based on a few basic principles which make sense, if you forget everything you learned in High School Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Forget Time, Energy, Einstein's Laws and even Newton's Laws. But most importantly forget all Scientific Theories, for "Theory," Lawson writes, "as espoused by the so-called wise men or self-styled scholars has no place in Lawsonomy. Everything must be provable or reasonable or it is not Lawsonomy." You must arrive at Lawsonomy with a clean slate, and most importantly, a desire to learn TRUTH. "Lawsonomy stands for Truth as against falsity; constructiveness as against destructiveness. It stands for life, love, freedom and true expression as against the misrepresentation, hate, slavery and death of falsity. So if is isn't real; if it isn't truth; if it isn't knowledge; if it isn't intelligence; then it isn't Lawsonomy."

Truth begins with Lawsonomy and Lawsonomy begins with Suction and Pressure, the Law of Penetrability, Equaeverpoise and Zig-Zag-and-Swirl movement. Study these concepts thoroughly, and you will understand the mysteries of the Universe.

These concepts apply to Everything, i.e. Matter in Space. Matter and Space are basic concepts which are familiar and conventional, but we're talking about Lawson's Matter and Lawson's Space, which follow Lawson's Laws.

Lawson's first law is that There is no limit to the smallness of Space. Space extends everywhere and contains everything, but has no properties of its own; it's just an empty vessel. Inside the vessel, you have all Matter, which is composed of Substances of varying Density. This is all you need to get the universe rolling, for the property of Density causes all other properties, and all physical events, as well.

This is where Suction and Pressure come in. Pressure is "Force caused by substances of greater density falling toward Space with lesser density,' while Suction is "Force caused by Space with lesser density drawing toward it substances of greater density." Just about every event in Life and Space is caused by Suction and Pressure. A good example of the dynamics of Suction and Pressure is, as you might expect, Sex. Femaleness is a "superabundance" of Suction, while maleness is a "superabundance" of Pressure. When these substances of abundant suction and abundant pressure meet, their movement is guided by the Law of Penetrability. "All movement of matter is caused by a difference in Density whereby one substance penetrates another substance by the Push of Pressure and the Pull of Suction."

Physical forces apply equally to living matter such as humans having sex, and to non-living matter such as rocks shooting through space. You might think Lawson is a tad mechanical in his view of life, but in fact the opposite is true. All substances, even those we view as non-living, Lawson believes to be imbued with Life. "Life is everywhere and in everything." Furthermore, the quantity of Life in the universe is constant; rather than conservation of energy or mass, Lawson's believes in the Conservation of Life.

When a substance penetrates another substance due to Suction and Pressure, its resulting movement is called Zig-Zag-And-Swirl. Only the short-sighted believe that matter moves in regular mathematical patterns, such as a circles and lines. To understand this, consider your own movement on earth. Even if you are walking in a straight line, the earth itself is rotating about its axis and revolving around the sun, which in turn is revolving around the galaxy, which is in turn moving about the universe. So your true movement in space is nothing like a straight line. It is more like a Zig, a Zag, and then a Swirl.

Motion was the result of an imbalance in the forces of suction and pressure, while Equaeverpoise is just the opposite; it is the balance that takes place as a result of equal forces of suction and pressure, from within and without. Furthermore, it is "the cause of perpetual motion."

The Earth, a living "formation" is in a state of Equaeverpoise, since it exists in equilibrium between the currents of suction and pressure of its exterior, the Ether, and its interior, the Lesether (for "lesser density than Ether"). It "is in a ripe and healthy condition" (or at least it was in 1922). Lawson may be the first modern proponent of the Gaia Hypothesis, though to him it's no hypothesis, it's Truth. All the other planets are living formations as well, and like any other living formations, must eat. The Earth, in particular, feeds at the North Pole, where Suction is highest, and excretes through the South Pole, where Pressure is highest. Furthermore, the standard theory that the planets were originally part of the sun "is too absurd for serious-minded astronomers to sanction in textbooks any longer."

The Moon also is a living formation, but is dying, with less suction than the Earth, while Jupiter "has not yet organized its internal structure to its highest degree of efficiency and it lacks the solidity and settled condition of the Earth. ... [It is] still in a state of youthful and bubbling vitality... [and] requires enormously more food. ... As he lives and grows, Jupiter consumes prodigious quantities of Solar substances, drawn together by his enormous Suction power."

There is no Energy, no light waves and no sound waves. Light and heat, as well as sound are all substances, which are drawn to matter by Suction or away from matter by Pressure. "When the substance Sound is squeezed from various matter that composes the strings of a violin and the bow that causes the Pressure, and it is drawn to the ears of man by Suction," Lawson asserts, "it is the currents of Sound that strike against the tympanic membrane of the ear drums and not the vibratory air waves that were created by the operation."

Like light and sound, Mentality is a substance which is drawn into the brain by Suction and transmitted from the brain by Pressure. Nerve cells are actually mental organisms in their own right, with their own "power of expression." The mental organisms live throughout the body; Lawson likens them to an army whose Director General is the mind. It is the responsibility of this General to keep up the morale of its army by sending them positive, optimistic messages as much as possible. This is what we might understand as the "conscious mind."

As for the "subconscious mind," the only thing Lawson has to say about it, is that there isn't one.

Mental organisms are not just confined to human bodies. They also reside inside the Earth:

... the interior of the Earth is populated by living beings who operate the machinery that draws sustenance into and passes off the waste gases that would cause the Earth to explode if kept within it.

Those living, thinking beings do not resemble man because the conditions under which they evolved are different from the conditions under which man evolved. It will not take long, however, for an understanding to exist between them for the purpose of arranging a mutual working plan for the guidance of the Earth's destinies.

These interior beings are not as savage as man for they have learned through billions of years of experience in building and maintaining the machinery of the Earth that it is the preservation and development of a united consciousness that increases the efficiency, stability and happiness of all and not self-aggrandizement or self-consciousness of any individual or nation.

Every mental organism is also itself made up of mental organisms. It is important, however, to realize that all mental organisms are not created equal:

The unnumbered minute living creatures that built and developed man through the past millions of years were better thinkers, and planners, and organizers, than were the minute living creatures that built and developed the pig, or the donkey. They planned and built better machinery. They had greater consciousness. They had greater power of vision and could see farther ahead than those who planned the pig and the donkey.

Man was built up from within by these wise little creatures to meet the needs of his body and the conditions that surrounded him during the different periods of his growth.

Atomic particles are little creatures, living formations, that eat and excrete, same as people and planets. Atomic Scientists observe the waste being excreted by electrons and mistake it for energy. Lawson notes with disgust that these scientists also make extravagant statements such as, "If all energy within an atom could be released at once it would produce enough force to demolish a mountain." The force of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima was no doubt caused by electron feces.

The excretions of man are caused by those same forces that cause the excretions of planets and atoms--Suction and Pressure. Hair, one such human excretion is, in modern times, all but useless. "Nature abhors uselessness," says Lawson, "and hair being no longer needed by man it is quite likely that the few remaining hairs upon his head and body will soon become extinct."

Excerpted from a slightly different version of the chapter on Lawsonomy in Kooks: A Guide to the Outer Limits of Human Belief.

© Donna Kossy, 1995.