Joe Euclid
"Mindreaders are Criminally Insane Child Molestors"


Joe Jonah Euclid of Menlo Park, California, is an "Appointed Messenger of God," who currently posts his "weird, crudely typed and xeroxed screeds" in and around Stanford University. Thanks to the generosity of Palo Alto resident James Holloway, the museum now has in its possession twelve such flyers, most of them "gathered in one 30-minute bike ride around the campus." These will soon be replaced, no doubt, as Holloway observes that "every couple of days, there's a new Joe Euclid rant to be found."

According to Holloway, Joe "apparently believes that angels are addressing him via voices in his head. These angels show up mainly for the purpose of discouraging 'mindreading' and 'thought projection thru the invisible realm,' two apparently common practices of Protestants. Joe has a very Californian special ability: he can predict earthquakes. Of course, we don't find out about these predictions 'til after the actual quakes. In addition, even Joe admits that he often can't tell what the angels are trying to say. Finally, Joe believes that mindreading and Protestantism are analogous to child abuse. (Joe may have been tried for child abuse at some point as he repeats his discussion of why he is not a child molestor often and occasionally discusses his experiences during a trial.)"

Little is known of Joe's personal life: "He claims to have been born on the 26th of June, 1945, to have dropped out of grad school in 1969, and to have been visited all his life by angels. Sketchy information locates him in District Heights, Maryland in 1974 and points to his current residence in Menlo Park, CA."

Sample Flyer



1	Where is There Any Hope in this? What is the Positive Value here?

2	Where is the Scientific Proof???

3	They Could Quit Mindreading. When thru a whole region, enough of them
have quit the Mindreading, then babies will be born, and those babies will grow
up without the type of brain damage caused by mindreading.

4	It takes 30 Years to do the Scientific Proof of this. Great Genius is more
than just learning rapidly and easily thru childhood, and being very smart when
employed at working in one's 20's.    Great Genius is a sustained creativity thru
the decades on and on over 30.

5	The term "Mindreaders" is Properly represented by the term: Criminally
				insane Childmolesters.

6	It is now 1995. We do not know if they will Quit Mindreading in 1996.
  Or, will they quit mindreading in 2003 AD. Add 30 years onto each.

7	Possibly the Empirical Proof will come in 2026 AD or 2033 AD. This is
completely empiricle, just the Category of 30 Years Necessary.

8	They Claim: Mindreading does not Cause Harm to Children.
  That is The Definition of Criminal Insanity.

9	My Angelic Backers Say: "Mindreaders are Literally Childmolesters."

10	Now Apply the Concept that there are 2 directions on the same road of
				"Thru the invisible realm."
When they Repent of Mindreading-thru-the-invisible-realm, they will also
repent of Thought-Projection-thru-the-invisible-realm.

11	When we have One Large Region, and all have repented of those, then there
will be a world with 2 Different Zones of Metaphysics. In My Zone, there will be
Metaphysical Calm of the Metaphysical Plains, and thus Zero Accidents.

12	The Other Zone will be the regular world, the un reformed part.

13	Then, My Missionaries will Progress Miraculously.
	(((Wait Until 2026 AD to see.)))

14	In Order to have Missionaries Progressing Miraciously, it is Necessary to
have 2 Different Zones of Metaphysics.   I am refering to the Strong Contrast.
There is an emense amount of Literature, and unforunately 2 ways of
entrepreturiting it.   Due to the Religious Wars of the Middle Ages, most
Intellectuals and Thinkers concluded:  There is No God, and All References to God
are delusionary, and everything that Happens is Only Human Scale.    I Disagree
with them on parts of that their Excessive Conclusiveness. They would cliam
that all literature of Missionaries Porgressing Miraculiously would be mere
misentrepretations and misunderstandings and exaggerations of natural
phenomena.   They will cease from that Claim when we have restored the Planet
Earth to Having 2 Diff Zones of Metaphysics.

15	Currently there is a Worldwide Uniformity.   Everywhere Mindreaders are
accepted on the Mere Claim of being Christian, or Islamic, or Buddist, or any
claim of having Religion.   Only the Human Scale of Claiming something allegedly
Heavenly. That is Uniform worldwide in these days. And, it is harmfull to

16	This is Less Conflict that You Might Imagine. I will Rely Upon the Genuine
in God's Planning the progress. Those Criminally Insane Childmolesters are
seekersAfterGod. Humanly they Were Taught the Error: Mindreading is Approved
by God's Law. HumanTeaching.
	However, they agree that "Signs from God" are Indicators of What God
Wants. And, the Textbook has Considerable Warnings that Human Effort can make
up Deceptive ""Signs.""

Excerpts from Flyers

Those who are Mindreaders have gotten jobs with the Palo Alto Police Department, and they send out child pornorgraphy. The Reason that they send out Child Pornography is Because there is a Court Order, and that Stipulated that Supposedly, Supposedly they Messenger of God is the one person who has severe mentalproblems. Thus, they have Legal Permission to Blame it on the victim. And they HOPE to pin it on the target person. It is an unstable situation.
It would be Superficial to put: God is not fooled.
Actually, god has to select One Category of Trouble in order to fullfill the Goal of the Truth Coming Out. All those People who have been Hostile to the Appointed Messenger of God. They were resisting the Reform Plan From God.
Think about this carefully. Mindreading Causes Brain Damage to Children. Thus, Mindreaders are Childmolesters.

	Name of Spirit by	Name of Woman or Girl
	usual theory of Angelology

January 3, 1993
	Dizzy Gillespe		Elowese Brown
		actual Quote: ""On God's Dime""

January 1995
	Albert Elsen		Pepper

	Actual Quote: reminder of Angelic Quotation, Statement of Purpose
				Simultanious Earthquake  June 17, 1989

	Immediate Effect:  I Issues a Prophecy of Earthquake June 17, 1995

	Correlate:  The Earthquake was in Vermont, June 16, 1995

	In Secret Police Code: "Vermont" is a Code which Means: "Pepper."

	Evaluations: Maybe Pepper was 16 years old, as the Earthquake
					was June 16.

		Do We have a Message There???   Yes or No.

July 1, 1995
	Ave Gabor		Louise Fisher
		Actual Quote: "" Remember the scene with The Institute of Man
		and the Blimpie's Sub Shop, and the Spellltoo strong that Caused
		Louise to become unhappy""

Six more flyers courtesy Thomas Veil

[typed beside an obituary for Todor Zhivkov, the Communist dictator who ruled Bulgaria for decades]
The New York Times ( fold) August 7.

Spirit Voices describe Monica Lewinsky.

Voice: Monday August 2

Voice: Monday August 3

Zhivkov crosses over to spirit side on Wednesday August 5. 

Sunday Aug 2. " The real question about Monica Lewinsky is If Iran or Iraq
of other Hostile Government hired her to try to influence state policy or
obtain State Secrets thru the feminine wiles. Possibly Monica Lewinsky
has been investigated enough to know that she was not hired by Iran or
Iraq or other Hostile power. Thus there is no problem."

Monday Aug 3. The USA Today national newspaper published a photo and a
quote from a woman in Idaho, and what she said was a repiptition of some
part of it, but in the photo she looked so emotionally engaged. Then the
thought came: " Maybe Bill Clinton is really skillfull at having sex with
millions of people at the same time, mental sex, and maybe he will give a
nice speech and tell us nice things and we will all love him. Those who
are Not Participating are those Not Paying attention to the Monica
Lewinsky controversy. Those who are really engaged with the Monica
Lewinsky story are all having sex with the President, mental sex. He is
really skillfull at it. I listen to his speechs and I Hang On every word."

It is True that there is a "Question as to Attribution of Origin" for these
voices. In this case, the voice repeated and repeated: " Be sure and Note
that one was Sunday and one was Monday, " 

Possibly I should take the "Voice" from Wednesday Aug 5 and Attribute it
to Zhivkov.

" New View of Solar Energy. The Hot summer afternoon is so unpleasant,
and Ignorance, Poverty and Hunger are so unpleasant. When you see
ignorance, think: "How can I make a Profit off of that?" Teach the people
and then the people are better off. Having the people educated is valuable,
and thus money can be found for the pay of the teachers. When you see
poverty, think: How can I profit off of this. Organize work for the people
and then the people are better off, having their pay and the profit. When
you see Hunger, think: How can I make a profit off of this. Think like a
farmer and grow food for the people.

When you see a Hot Summer Afternoon, think: How can I make a profit off
of this. In the sun its hot and in the shade its cool, relatively. Build a wall,
and on one side its hot and on the other side its relatively cool. The
problems are the low efficiency (carnotís Law) and the fact that oil is
underbidding solar energy. 

Be sure and Title this: New View of Solar Energy. " 

There is a high irony factor that a former Communist Dictator, 35 years in
Power is telling us that, for the bad things, the attitude is: Make a Profit
Off of it.

From time to time I really should type up a Business idea which 
features me getting work. And, I think its innovative, my innovation or at
least my specification. Numbers cited may be Exemplars and Not

Joe Jonah Euclid 1998-August-14

Silicon Valley. What I have heard from some people is that a number of
young people are making quite high saleries in High Tech work and paying
$1,000. They think nothing of it because their incomes are so high. This
drives up the Price of Real Estate. Thus what I should do is to become a
Producer of Real Estate values. Rather than for me to Spend Money at that
rate. I need to be taking in money at that rate. 

I need to find an opportunity. This would be a place already zoned for
residential, and capable of being permitted for residential, but really
lousy, rundown. But, Close to a good neighborhood. (Its not at all an
opportunity if its in the middle of a bad neighborhood, as that is just now
too much for me to solve.) 

People would be Happy to see me at work. 

927 As an Alternative, we can go over the option of low-cost housing. 
A building, not currently housing could be contracted to me for a very low
price. Then a few students could pay a small rent and crash there with
me. Then their rent money goes to buy building materials, and over time, I
improve it up to being real housing. What is most important for the
students would come first. Maybe that is the cable for computers. Real
walls and doors would come later. 

[typed beside the obituaries of Susan Yoachum, Political Editor for the San Francisco Chronicle and philanthropist Louise M. Davies]

Such Special Angel Voices Came

Joe Jonah Euclid
Messenger 1998, july04

" When they Label someone as "Crazy" it means that they may cheat the

" This Term ëCrazyí does not mean something with no consequences.
"Crazy" means that the man thinks that can associate with a woman and
she is Dissatisfied, and that there is No Communication, and again he can
associate with another woman and this is dissatisfactory to her and
there is No Communication, and that again he can associate with a woman
and this is dissatisfactory to her. On and on, there is No Communication
among the women."

Continuing. "Actually I know that women communicate with each other. 

There are Men who really think that women do not communicate with each
There are Men who really think that women should not communicate with
each other.

I am Not Crazy, I know that women do communicate. What is Highly
Unappropriate is the social reaction. People Want to NOT TALK about the
fact that People do talk about reputations. Then people want to arrange
these cute routines where one person says something and then before long
another person is saying the same word. 
The Reason they do that is because I wrote a thing recommending drastic
action back when the Soviets Invaded Afghanistan and the Carter
Administrationís moves were too mild. I wrote that China, Turkey and
Norway are all having a fronteir with the USSR and they could all do a
protest Simultaniously. China, Turkey and Norway could all send
simultaniously a demand to the Soviets that they pull out of Afghanistan
within 24 hours Or they will do a Protest, and if Ö then all 3 nations
could send fighter jets to fly up close to the Soviet frontier, turn and fly
along the frontier. These flights would come up on their military radar,
and they would really get the message. 
Since I wrote that in 1980, then people are "Doing the Same Thing To Me,""
as if I am as big and strong as Moscow. That is the History Story of how it
came to be.
But Actually, I am Not-Crazy, I agree that women talk among themselves.
It is just silly for you to refuse to acknowledge that. 

[Article headline: "Islamic Extremists Warn of More Attacks on US"]


Solutions By Joe Euclid

There Is a Solution To This Problem

Different Alleged Solutions may have different epistimological
categories. This Real Solution has the category of "Developed thru many,
many centuries of Experience and put into Practice, medium and full in
various eras.

The Idea of Granting Diplomatic Recognition to Afghanistan and other
governments is Explicately So that we can discuss with them the factor
of Their Being Responsible for activities launched from their territory.
We want to do this, and we want to do this in the Large Size, Full
Measure, so we should grant diplomatic recognition to Afghanistan and all

Among Nations what passes for " Law" is the Law of Example. With Mutual
Dip. Recognition is a case to analize. Without Mutual Dip. Recognition is
another case to analize. Hopefully the long explanation will be vividly
persuasive to your reasoning mind. Success with this will mean that we
are relating with words, rather than with deeds-done.

Refusal to Grant Diplomatic Recognitions is just plain unreliable. Not
If things continue on, then possibly you can Elect Joe Euclid to become
President. The elections is in 2000. The Inauguration is in 2001. Then we
can have Diplomatic Relations and a Chance at World Peace thru
What About the Supposed Moral Scandle? God/Goddess has sent Special
Angels to Say: " Mindreading Causes Brain Damage to Children." And. God
has sent the Illusion that I am Theoretically below average. But no. I am
not below average. Not, Metaphysics is a Realm which does not actually
Exist. Empiricle fact.
A Theory of Metaphysics Might be Wrong. A Theory of Metaphysics Might be
Right. Design an Experimental Test which has 2 or more thinkable
outcomes and is replicable. Yes. I am not even below average. But the
Average is set too low, yes indeed.

[Article headline: Police demand Lungren apology (for comparing them to Latrell Sprewell)]

Joe Jonah Euclid

We Should be having a society which is " without the bizarre disastors and
senseless crimes.

The Problem is that The Anti-Christ already controls the Whole World.
Excuse me, but some people have a problem with that Semantics. They
may think its Extremist semantics. Indeed, the people I should be
connecting with are people who Use a Different semantics. 
The Problem is Powerfull People with some kind of conniving Mind-
Control, and they Have Such a Drastic Win-At-Any-Cost Attitude that
their "Worthyness-to-Win" is quite reduced. 
What is the Name for that?

Since I donít have your suggestions just now, then the Title "The Anti-
Christ" can be used.

Dan Lungren has been giving his Loyality to the Anti-Christ. Back in 1996 I
was trying and trying to get the abolition of a Guardianship. However, the
Anti-Christ People Promoting and Promoting a Fear, Fear story about me.
Thus, recently I wrote "Converting the Devils 09.16" Back to 1996 and the
Threat of Bob Dole running for Pres. Hints from Dan Lungren were some
Unquotable bullshit which meant He Believed the Story from the Anti-
Christ. Thus, in 1996 it was No on Abolishing that Court Appointed
Guardianship. Simple, he is a Republican and I am a Democrat and its
Political Abuse of Psychiatry. 
To be Proven in the AFTER Time-frame.

As Dan Lungren is loyal to the Anti-Christ people, Then God has Made a 
Move Against Him. God Sent that Illusion that a Sprewell analogy would be 
good. But its goodness is to reveal Dan Lungren as saying lunatic things.

Even more voters should flee from Dan Lungren. 

[Article title: New Guinea Tsunami Death Toll May Reach Thousands]

Joe Jonah Euclid 98.july.21

How Does this Possibly Relate to Metaphysics and Theology? Let Us 
Review the Big Scale Situation. Society suffers the Bizarre Disastors and 
Senseless Crimes ( BDSC) which Society causes to itself. After the 
Reforms, it is Without the BDSC. What Reforms?? Well, you donít know. 
The actual People in Control are Resisting. 
However, Scientific testing is just fine. (Page 80 of My Book). Some Years 
ago, those "Psychics" sent me the Idea of going to the Bookstore and 
looking in the Bible. They sent me the guidance on just what page and line 
to look at.
If there is a Big Argumentative Dispute about a Woman and If she were 
this or that at the time of marriage, then she is to be examined and if that 
is insufficient, then she is to be given a glass of "Test-water." And told, " 
If you are telling a lie and you drink the Test-water, then you will die. 
But, If you are Telling the Truth, then you will live.
Yes, such is in the Holy Bible. We these days ""Donít Know if that Actually 
works or What.""

Since that Is in the Holy Bible, then the ""Opposition Group"" has gone thru 
a Hint, Hint, Hint of: ëWater, Water, Water, Water, Ö ë and it relative 
measure that is a relatively pleasant Hint. As I am putting The Truth and 
it is More Multi-dimensional than what you may have heard.

God Wants the ëMindreadersí to Confess that Mindreading is Harmfull to 

On a 50 Year time scale we will have that Solved by Real Test. From My 
Safe, Spiritual community children will grow up with a very High 
Intelligence, due to the Exclusion of Mindreaders. Mindreaders are Worse 
than Childmolestors. It was 1983 when the Angel Spoke: 

"The Harm Caused by mindreading is more extensive thru the brain, " 

Bogus Spirituality is to Claim: Mindreaders Not Harmfull to Children. In 50 
Years we will have it tested out. And there is more things. For certain 
particular things, we have had a Divinely Authorized time for Test, Test, 
Test, Test. Reliance Upon the Other of the Psychic Mindpowers causes an 
increase in the Fluctuations of the Spiritual Plains and then B.D.S.C. And 
there is a point on Equal Status for citizens. It is a Worthy Cause to 
abolish the Special Legal Status they ""Had"" on me. Test, Test, Test. 
However, this level of testing had a frame of certain Years, and the 
contemporary Opinion and Plan of Goddess/God is that it has been enough 
testing. People insist on bad logic and Bogus explanations and the refusal 
to learn. 

So, the Meaning of the Tsunami is: Too Much Water. That is a direct simple, 
literal description. And, it seems to be the Nature of the Omen, if its an 
"Omen from God."