Mom's Recipes

Mom cooking (of course!)

Mom (Marie Cameron) loved to cook -- especially to bake. She would do what most of us do, watch cooking programs, cut out recipes from newspapers and magazines, and get "good" recipes from family and friends.

But Mom was organized. She had a 3x5 card file that held 6 times the volume that most files hold. She had a zillion categories ("apples" and "zucchini" come to mind).

After Mom passed away in 1973 we all wanted "the box". My sister Janet Ingold took that recipe box and typed up all those recipes. It took her 3 months. (Remember, these were the days before personal computers! Janet used a manual typewriter.) She had the whole thing copied and gave copies to each of her siblings. It was great because she included any notes that Mom had written on a card. Plus Janet added some comments of her own to some of the recipes.

In 1996 I started to scan those recipes, to convert them to electronic file. That took me about a month, after hours at my regular job. But scanning is not exact, and there were lots of mistakes as the conversion software made guesses about what was on some of those pages.

On January 25, 1998, Superbowl Sunday, I had the brainstorm to commit these files to a web page. (Okay, so Iím a little slow. I should have figured this out a year ago!) I finally finished them 13 months later. I had to add a lot more "dessert" type categories, or it would have been too long.

Next I hope to add an index to make recipes easier to find. I'm hoping David Brown's HTML Indexer does the trick. We'll see!

Appetizers (14)

Desserts--Frozen (12)

Muffins (13)

Salad (48) & Salad Dressing (15)

Biscuits, Pancakes & Waffles (7)

Desserts--Fruit (36)

Oriental (10)

Sandwiches (8)

Cake (66)

Dips (16)

Pasta & Rice (13)

Sauce (17)

Cake Fillings (19)

Drinks (22)

Pickles (14)

Seafood (38)

Candy (25)

Dumplings (8)

Pie (64)

Soup (9)

Chicken & Poultry (16)

Kid Stuff (2)

Preserves (12)

Stuffing (3)

Coffeecake (13)

Luncheon (6)

Pudding (19)

Vegetables (51)

Cookies (52)

Meat (61)

Quick Breads (24)

Yeast Breads (19)

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