Cheeky Angel Site Updates

02/22/04 Here's the latest news in the world of Cheeky Angel. Last month in Shonen Sunday Super there was two more
chapters of the Cheeky Angel Manga. These two new chapters are 38 pages long and take place a half a year after the
end of the main story. For more information about it go here. In other news the good people at Anime-Empire have
subbed up to episode 35. Only 15 more to go! ^_^

12/23/03 Sorry that it's been a while since my last update. But there really hasn't been any Cheeky Angel news lately.
Not so today Cheeky Angel fans, Viz appears to have licenced the Cheeky Angel Manga for release in North America!
This was first reported on the Anime on DVD news page. There is also a very lively disscusion in the Manga Forum there.
One wonders if they have the rights to the Anime as well. At the very least they must be looking at it. ^_^
I also updated the list of episode titles on the Anime page. Since the good people at Anime Empire have subbed up
thru episode 31 now. So we got 19 more to go! Thank you Anime-Empire!!!!! ^_^

Listed in the Barnes & Noble computer system:

Cheeky Angel
Hiroyuki Nishimori
Store Price: $9.95
Viz - 2004/07/10
ISBN: 1591163978

11/02/03 Today I added the scan for Manga volume #20. This is the final one in the series. I also updated the
ISBN numbers for those who would like to order your own copies. Also the good folks at Anime-Empire have
released episode #28. Only 22 more to go. ^_^

09/12/02 Okay, here's the big update! I added scans and information for DVD #13 and volume 19 of the
Manga. I made updates to several pages. But the really big news is that the Cheeky Angel Manga has ended!
That's right boys and girl's, it all ended at chapter 199. I had been thinking that it would end after the
current story arc. And I guess I was right. I think it's a very good ending, at least I got what I wanted! ^_^
So where do we go from here. Well even though the Manga is over, there's still lots to do. I want to add a
page that will have summeries for each episode of the Anime. I also want to add to the Manga summeries page.
So as I said before, this page isn't going anywhere. Besides there will always be someone new to Cheeky Angel
and looking for information about it. So even though the Anime and Manga are over, the Cheeky Angel page will

09/11/03 Let's not forget what happened this day, two years ago. Because if we do, then those who died,
died for nothing. It's been said that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. I'd
rather we didn't have to go through that again.

09/09/03 Hello everybody! Sorry it's been way too long since I last updated this site. I could say I've
been real busy but that's not true. I just haven't gotten around to updating doing it. So to make up for
being lazy, expect a big update this weekend! Honest, I really will. There's lots of big news to report.

06/22/03 Today marks a milestone, for the Cheeky Angel page. What's so important about today you ask?
Well if you scroll down to the bottom of this page you'll see that Today is the one year anniversary!
Over the past year this site has had well over 13,964 unique hits. Not to shabby! I hope that you all
have found some useful information here. I've tried to provide information that I would want to know.
Rest assured, this page will be here as long as people continue to visit it. So keep in touch! ^_^

06/16/03 I finally got off my lazy ass, and updated the web page. I added the cover scan for Manga volume #18
as well as information for DVD#10. Those fine people at Anime Empire have now subbed up to episode #24.

05/11/03 I finally got scans of the Cheeky Angel Calendar. You can view them by going to the Cheeky
stuff page and clicking on the link to them. I also added scans and information for DVD #9. As well as a
picture of the cover of DVD #10, that was kindly provided to me by a fan. (Thanks Francis) There's also
information about the talking Megumi alarm clock. I found an ad for it in an old Shonen Sunday.
I've known about the clock for some time but I hadn't seen one in person, until recently.

04/18/03 Sorry that it's been a while, since I last updated my site. Several things have kept me from
making updates. Such as attending an Anime convention, computer upgrades and my ISP changed
how I can access my web site. They didn't tell me that they did this. I also thought it might have to do
with some of my resent computer upgrades. So basically I haven't had access for the last 10 days.

In other related news, a friend of mine recently won a couple auctions on E-bay. She managed to
win 2 Cheeky Angel Clear Files. For those of you who don't know what those are, they are similar
to pencil boards but bigger. And instead of them being something you write on, you put your
papers in them to protect them. Hopefully, I'll scan them in this weekend and add them to the my
Cheeky Stuff page. Also our good friend at Anime-Empire have released episode #21. I expect #22
won't be to far behind. That's about it for now.

03/29/03 Well today's the day. The last episode of the TV series has now been broadcast I still
hope that maybe there will be an OVA series at some point. It could happen! In other news I got
my copy of DVD #8 and Manga volume #17. Both have been scanned and added to their proper
pages. I also got another CD that has all three known ending songs on it. It has four other nice songs,
one of which might be the fourth ending song. But I can't confirm that just yet. I have scanned
it in and added it to the soundtrack page. That's it for now! ^_^

03/25/03 NOOOOOOOOOOOO! It's over! Yes that's right, I can no longer live in denial.
The Cheeky Angel Anime ends with the broadcast of episode #50. (This Saturday the 29th)
We still have the Manga, well at least until it ends. I think it's getting close, but I could be
wrong. Perhaps there'll be a few OVA's, yeah that's it. I don't know about you but I sure could
use a soundtrack about now. The singles just aren't enough! (End of short update, more soon)

03/22/03 Added scans and information for Manga Volume #16. My thanks to Sailor Lynx for
providing the scan, chapter information and the ISBN#. Since I still don't have my own
copy yet. My local Japanese book store has failed me! (Sigh) On to other news, I've been
hearing from various sources that the last episode of Cheeky Angel will be number 50.
If it's true, I'll be sad to see it end. But who knows maybe we'll get a few Ova's It
could happen. ^_^ I tend to believe that it's true. If I had the the April issue of Newtype,
I could find out for sure. But I'm not in Japan, so I'm usually a month behind. I'll know
by next Tuesday when Shonen Sunday updates their Manga page. On the plus side it seems
that most of the Manga that is out, did get animated. Even though the Manga hasn't ended yet.
I really do think it's getting close to the end. But I could be wrong. We'll just have to wait and see.

03/09/03 Not much new. But I did a few of the usual updates to the Anime page.

02/26/03 Today I got to watch DVD #7 and found out that "A Cheeky Angel" is going to be at
least 50 episodes long, probably more. How do I know this, you ask? Because DVD #7 has a
DVD release list up through Vol. #13 with episodes (47-50) I strongly believe that there will be
at least a DVD #14 with episodes (51&52) Hopefully it will have some good extras. ^_^

02/23/03 DVD #7 arrived in the mail today so I added scans of it to the DVD page.
I've been trying to get my web page listed on the Anime turnpike. They've been taking
new links for the last three weeks. But so far mine hasn't been listed. I'm not sure if
they're just really back logged or if they have a problem with my page. I've looked
their reasons that they reject sites. The only one that seems like a possible problem is
my sites links have "spaces"in them. According to them this is a big problem for older
versions of Netscape. The version of Netscape they use to check web pages with is
(4.5). I installed a copy to test my site with and it worked just fine. So I don't understand
what the problem is, it would be nice if they could give me a little feedback. If it's a matter
of removing all the spaces, I'd do it. But if I do, it will mean I'll have to rename all the links.
So if you don't want to loose this site. Bookmark your web browser to the following address.
( It won't change but just about every other link will.

02/08/03 My local Japanese bookstore has let me down, again. So I still don't have a
copy of volume #16 yet. (Sigh) So I had to resort to a special ordering it. In other news,
our good friends at Anime-Empire have released episode #19 of A Cheeky Angel! Hooray!
Could episode #20 be very far behind? Stay tuned. ^_^ Not much else new to report.

02/02/03 I still haven't got my hands on a copy of volume #16 of the Manga, yet!
As soon as I do, I'll put up scans for it on the manga page. I made a few new updates to
the Anime page. On it, it lists information about the episode number and it's broadcast date.
I added in info about episodes 41, 42, 43. And I have projected ahead to episode #52 ,
even though I don't know if the show will go that long. But if it does last that long, it will
have been on the air for about a year exactly. In other news, last week I got my hands on
two more episodes of A Cheeky Angel.(17&18) Subbed by the good folks at Anime Empire.
(You guys are my hero's!) Wow!!! 4 episodes in one month, I could get real used to that! ^_^

01/26/03 Another brief update I added scans for DVD#6 and the Cheeky Angel sticker sets.

01/19/03 A quick update "A Cheeky Angel" is still going! Episode 41 should air this Saturday
the 25th of January. So I still don't know when it will end or how many episodes there will be.
But if I find something out, I'll let everyone know. Till then we'll just have to wait and see. ^_^
I should also have Manga vol.16 soon as well as DVD #6. I'll have scans and information as
soon as I get them.

01/12/03 I made a few minor updates today. For those of you who didn't know, Anime-Empire
released episodes 15 & 16 of Cheeky Angel. That's always good news, I was getting a little
worried that they had stopped subbing them. But I guess they're still chipping away at them.
I'd like to take a moment and thank them for subbing "A Cheeky Angel", I am very grateful!
In other news, episode 39 should have aired Saturday the 11th of January. And we've came to
yet another point where shows tend to end. But Tenshi na Konamaiki, seems like it's going to
keep on going. How much longer, I don't know just yet. It could end anywhere from the next
episode to episode 52. (I'm hoping for 52 episodes) There's a good chance that most of the
Manga would be animated if it does go as long as 52 episodes. We'll just have to wait and
see what happens. If I find something out, I'll let you know. ^_^

12/28/02 Wow it's really been quite a while since I made an update, sorry about that.
But fear not, I haven't abandoned the site I've just been busy. And didn't have anything
really pressing to report. But having received my latest care package from mainland Japan.
I have the following new items to add, DVD #5 with four more episodes of Cheeky goodness.
As well as 3 CD singles one with the second season opening. The others have the second and
third endings. Scans of these new CD's kind of made it necessary to create another sub-page
off of the Cheeky stuff page. Kinda like the DVD sub-page. So be sure to check out the
latest scans of the above items and information about their content. Well that's it for now.
I'll try to update at least once a week but as you can see I don't always succeed.

11/29/02 I made the usual updates to several pages to get them current. I've been meaning
to do it sooner but I just haven't had the time. I added scans for DVD #4. I got it last
Sunday but I haven't been home to scan it. There's still several things I'd like to do to
the web page. Perhaps I might even get some of them done over this holiday weekend.
You never know, so stay tuned. ^_^

11/10/02 I made several updates to the site but I didn't have enough time to do everything
that I wanted too. But I did add the cover scan for Volume #15 of the manga. Added
something new to the Cheeky Stuff page, so be sure to check that out. The Cheeky Stuff
page was getting too big so I split the DVD information off onto it's own sub-page.

10/27/02 There's good news and bad news. The good news is the 2003 Cheeky Angel
calendar is here. The bad news is it's to large for my scanner. So it's going to take a little
while longer to get pictures of it on the web page. But I did take a picture of the cover
with a digital camera. I have also gotten DVD #3 in today and have scans of it on the
Cheeky stuff page. I also have added some screen captures from the Cheeky Angel
Playstation game. I also made many other updates to the several pages.

10/20/02 I don't have a lot of time for updates this week. I'll do better next time, honest.
It's official I'm finally willing to say conclusively that "A Cheeky Angel" has gone into
it's second season. Conclusive evidence was right under my nose. Each week Shonen
Sunday updates the manga page with information about the Cheeky Angel Anime. If you
know enough kanji you will see that it lists the date of broadcast and the episode number.
It even shows the title of the episode. A Cheeky angel also continues to be on the TV
Tokyo's schedule. Now we just need to wait and see how many more they're going to do.

10/13/02 Well episode 26 of "A Cheeky Angel" should have been shown last Saturday.
But evidence continues to grow that it won't be the last. The latest piece of evidence
comes from the TV Tokyo web site. All information I have says that episode 26 was aired
last Saturday on the 5th of October. Yet Cheeky Angel is still on the schedule. This
implies that there are episodes beyond 26. How much more? I can't really say, only time
will tell. But there is good reason to be hopeful.

10/03/02 Sorry about not updating in September, I've been real busy. And I just haven't
had the time to do it. (Gomen! bows head in shame) So what's new you ask? Well I made
updates to the following pages. The Anime page, the Manga page and the Cheeky stuff page.
First the Anime page has news about a possible second season of "A Cheeky Angel".
Keep in mind this isn't a sure thing, it's just a possibility! For more details go to the
Anime page. The Manga page has information about the release of volume #15. The big
update is on the Cheeky Stuff page. I added scans of DVD #2 plus information about the
extra that came with it. I also added information about the Playstation game and the
2003 calendar that will be out soon.

08/30/02 Google's bot has been by again, this time it found several of my pages.
So perhaps now people will be able to find it. The best search words were
"Cheeky Angel Anime". I also made a few updates to the site nothing major.

08/25/02 I added information and scans for volume #14 of the manga. I also
added scans of the cover for the first DVD release, of A Cheeky Angel.
And I just got a copy of the fansub for episode #11 of the Anime. I'm really
going to miss this show when it's over. All information I've been able to
find seems to point toward the Anime ending at episode 26. I hope I'm wrong.

08/04/02 I added some new hotlinks throughout the site for easier navigation.
The Google bot has scanned my site again, but because of how my site was setup.
It only got as far as the first page. So I made some changes that will help it
find more information next time. (Fingers crossed)

08/01/02 Just got the Digi-sub of the tenth episode of the Cheeky Angel Anime.
I hope Anime-Empire keeps up the good work! There my heros!!! ^_^

07/27/02 Made a few more changes to the site, I wish I could get it listed on
the Anime Turnpike but they don't seem interested in taking any new links. (Sigh)

07/12/02 Updated the site and added a few more items to the Cheeky Stuff page.
I hope to make some other changes soon but it's hard to find the time. ^_^

06/22/02 Just uploaded the site, it's fairly basic at this point.
But many improvements are planned, these things take time. ^_^

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