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(Warning! Spoilers!) (Warning! Spoilers!)

Ever heard the phrase...
"You can't judge a book by it's cover"

Basically it's a Highschool comedy with a twist!
The story is surprisingly funny even though at first glance, it seems like
your typical High School comedy. But somehow it manages to breathe new life
into a tired premise. And give it a fresh new angle.
It might remind you of some other shows but there's nothing else quite like it!

So what's the story about? Well, it's a fairly simple story of a boy, a girl
and a wish gone wrong

(Megumi Amatsuka)

The story begins with Megumi Amatsuka walking to school with her best friend
Miki. Megumi is the girl of every guy's dreams where ever she goes - her
hair, face and body stop everyone in their tracks even the girls. But she
seems not to enjoy all this attention. And every boy that tries to approach
her gets soundly rejected.

The problem is, that Megumi has a secret. A secret that only her childhood
friend Miki knows.

(Flash back 6 years earlier)

(9 year old Megumi-kun and Miki)

You see the problem is, for the first 9 years of Megumi's life SHE was a HE!
How is this possible you ask? Well when Megumi was 9 years old, he and his
best friend Miki were walking around the park down by the river. When they
came across a mysterious old man who was being harassed by a group of punks.
Megumi being quite the fighter, (even then), beat them up quite easily. And
for doing this, Megumi demanded a reward from the old man. So he gave him a
book, that According to the old man was magic. The old man laughed
sinisterly, as he left.

(Magic Book with picture of Pierrot)

Megumi opened the book and a magical being called a Pierrot popped out and
said he'd grant Megumi one wish. Miki begged Megumi to be careful. But
Megumi, being an impulsive boy, of course, immediately asked to be the
manliest man there ever was. But the Pierrot, being somewhat of a trickster,
instead changed him the most womanly woman ever. Megumi immediately demanded
that the Pierrot change him back! The Pierrot said that he could undo it for 10 years
of Megumi's life. So Megumi, in a fit of rage threw the book into the river.

Miki and Megumi, of course, don't find this funny at all. So Megumi runs
home to mom and tries to explain the situation. The problem is, however,
that nobody remembers Megumi as a boy. With the exception of Miki
(presumably because she was present when it happened), everyone else in the
world -including Megumi's parents- forgets that Megumi was a boy and
remembers Megumi only as a girl. Even photos of Megumi have changed to show
him as a girl. All evidence that Megumi was ever was a boy! Is gone!

(Megumi's version of the Nutcracker)

(Fast forward to 6 years in the future) High school. A girl is trying to
hang onto the boy she likes, but he throws her aside. When he sees Megumi,
however, he just melts. She smiles at him... and then.... kicks him square
in the nuts. Miki, of course, warns Megumi that you shouldn't do those kinds
of things. Because girls don't act that way. Megumi, of course, brushes this
off as irrelevant.

(Soga Genzo)

They get to class, and all the guys in the classroom fall head over heels
for Megumi and Miki. Anyway, there's a bully in the classroom who is
supposed to sit right next to Megumi. Turns out the bully is named Soga, and
Soga is the guy she beat up earlier. Soga, of course, sees her and tries to
pick a fight. One of the guys in the class has a fantasy about saving her,
and tells her he's willing to die for her. This, of course, gets him beaten
up. Megumi stands up to Soga and gives him the spin-kick to end all
spin-kicks. Knocking him senseless.

(Fujiki offers to die to protect Megumi)

So... now (s)he's got the guys fawning all over her and the girls scratching
their heads. Not a great way to start a new high school. Soga is depressed
that he got his ass kicked twice in the same day by the same girl. This is a
new experience for him since he's used to being the top dog, not second banana.

Later he is confronted by some older students who have heard rumors about
him. Of course, Soga likes to fight, so they go out into the yard, to do
just that. The first bully punches Soga square in the jaw, and Soga just
laughs it off. And tells him that, the reason he wears black is because
blood doesn't show on it. But it's not his blood. Then he punches the guy.

(Soga tries to kiss Megumi)

Turns out that all the bullies are too much, and he stumbles away. Megumi
finds him, berates him for being an idiot, and pulls him behind some drums
and treats his wounds... Soga is very confused, is this the same girl who
kicked my ass? (he wonders) Why is she being so nice? He says to her that
she acts like a guy. This makes Megumi very happy. Soga of course, being a
guy with hormones raging, tries to get a kiss in on Megumi. Out of nowhere,
a cinder block comes flying and smacks Soga right in the head. Turns out
Miki's found them. Megumi asks Miki if all guys were like that, and if
she(Megumi) were still a guy would she be like that too? At this point she
gets very upset. (S)he wants to be a guy again. But doesn't want to be a
guy again. Because (s)he doesn't want to be a raging hornytoad.

It is amusing to see how the tomboyish Megumi, the best fighter in school,
struggles with being a girl. (S)he has to repeatedly ward off advances from
guys, in and out of school. And if that's not bad enough the toughest guy in
school, Soga Genzo, has fallen completely in love with Megumi. And (s)he
doesn't quite know how to react.

So now at age 15, Megumi has been a girl for 6 years. And it does seem to
have had some effect on her/him.

(Miki Hanakain) Megumi's childhood friend

But (s)he's still hot tempered and still quite good at fighting. Much to
everyone's surprise considering Megumi's appearance. (S)he also has no
interest in speaking or acting like a girl. While Miki keeps trying to
convince Megumi that she is a girl. And she should stop fighting it and live
happly as a girl. This usually causes Megumi to get mad or become depressed.
Because Megumi continues to find it very difficult to figure out exactly who
and what (s)he is.

Despite what most people think of the animation and character designs,
they're actually quite faithful to the manga. I really like this unusual story.
It's going to be very interesting to see, just how exactly all this works out.
So as they say, the stage is set for a really odd comedy/fantasy.

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